From the heart of Aberdeenshire in Scotland, Welcome to Sleepytown.

Here's where you'll find a fine collection of recordings

from 'The Singing Land' of north east Scotland


I've ha'en misfortunes ane or twa,

  that's scarcely worth tae mention,

But a'll tell yae een o' the teeps

  o' them a' - if ye'll gie me attention.

A'e day I came up frae Lochee wi'

  twa or three mair tae hae a spree

We wandered up intae Dundee far

  a' met wi' an Aiberdonian.

Come a' young lads far e'er ye be,

  fan e'er ye gang apon a spree,

I bid ye tak advice fae me

  an beware o' an Aiberdonian!



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