Bothy Songs and Ballads

of North East Scotland - Volume Two


Available on CD - Catalogue Number - SLPYCD006 - £11.99

Available on Cassette - Catalogue Number - SLPYMC006 - £6.99

A second collection of unaccompanied bothy songs and cornkisters sung by 'The Big Five' of Joe Aitken, Gordon Easton, Jock Duncan, Tam Reid and Eric Simpson.  Also on this albums are another two well known north east songsters, Frank McNally from Huntly and Geordie Murison from Netherly near Stonehaven.

Be the songs sad or witty, they are all extremely well sung and you will surely derive much pleasure and amusement in listening to them.

15 Tracks - Total Running Time of 51.19 min.
1. The Festival o’ Keith   Tam Reid
2. The Halflin (Brose A’ Day)  Eric Simpson
3. The Traivlin’ Mull Gordon Easton
4. The Bonnie Lass o’ Fyvie Joe Aitken
5. The Plooin’ Match Jock Duncan
6. Drumdelgie Frank McNally
7. The Far Famed Fite Turra Coo Geordie Murison
8. The Hash o’ Bennagoak Eric Simpson
9. Bogie’s Bonnie Belle Joe Aitken
10. The Muckle Gawkit Gype Tam Reid
11. Camaloun Jock Duncan
12. Neeps Tae Pluck Joe Aitken
13. The Buchan Gairdner Tam Reid
14. The Alford Cattle Show Eric Simpson
15. The Dying Ploughboy Jock Duncan