Jock Duncan

Tae The Green Woods Gaen

Available on CD - Catalogue Number - SLPYCD010 - Ł11.99

Jock Duncan has been described as ‘A National Treasure’.  Born in 1925 and raised on the farms of Aberdeenshire,  Jock has been involved with the balladry of Scotland for all of his life and today is rightly regarded as the foremost of the nation’s tradition bearers.

Whether a big ballad or a comic cornkister, Jock’s rich performance is matched by his knowledge of the history of the piece.

There are seventeen songs on this album twelve of which are set to musical arrangements by James Alexander of Fochabers.  The CD booklet contains twenty four pages which includes the words of all of the songs, some notes and images of relevance to each track and of course, some comments and thoughts from Jock himself.
17 Tracks - Total Running Time of 65 min 25 sec.
1. Breemie’s Bonnie Dother
2. The Diamond Ship
3. The Strae Man
4. Jamie Foyers
5. Bonnie Ythanside
6. Lang Johnny More
7. The Moss o’ Burreldale
8. Come A’ Ye Fisher Lassies
9. The Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre
10. The Flower o’ Northumberland
11. Tatties and Herrin
12. Johnnie o’ Cocklesmeer
13. The Scranky Black Fermer
14. MacPherson’s Rant
15. The Weddin’ o’ McGinnis
16.  Sir Patrick Spens
17. The Last Trip Home