Bothy Songs and Ballads 

of North East Scotland - Volume Three


Available on CD - Catalogue Number - SLPYCD011 - 11.99

Available on Cassette - Catalogue Number - SLPYMC011 - 6.99

This CD is the third in a very successful series of songs and ballads from north east Scotland.  Each is performed in the traditional style as an unaccompanied solo by one of the singers, all of whom were born and raised in the area.  

Many of the fifteen songs display the sharp tang of north east humour and you will surely derive much pleasure and amusement in listening to them.  
In this compilation there are ten new recordings from Joe Aitken, Jock Duncan, Gordon Easton, Frank McNally, Geordie Murison, Tam Reid and Eric Simpson plus five from bygone names, John Mearns, John MacDonald, Davie Stewart and Jimmy McBeath.
15 Tracks - Total Running Time of  45min. 01sec.
1. The Lispin Leghorn Joe Aitken
2. Sleepytoon John Mearns
3. Country Geordie Tam Reid
4. Pirn Taed Loonie Jock Duncan
5. The Moss o Burreldale Frank McNally
6. Gruel Jimmy McBeath
7. The Guise o Tough Geordie Murison
8. Imm-Hmm Tam Reid
9. Swaggers Jock Duncan
10. I Am A Miller Tae My Trade Davie Stewart
11. The Buchan Plooman Joe Aitken
12. The Ball o Kirriemeer John McDonald
13. Glenlogie John Strachan
14. Goat of the W.R.I. Frank McNally
15. McGintys Meal and Ale John Malcolm