George S. Morris 

The Buchan Chiel


Available on Cassette - Catalogue Number - SLPYHT001T - £4.99

George Smith Morris was born in Aberdeen on July 11th 1876.  He grew up with one brother James and two sisters, Helen and Jessie.  His father owned a thriving blacksmiths and veterinary surgeons business in the city at Langstane Place.  He also owned land at Keithall part of which was farmed and the remainder used to breed and train stallions.

On 17th January 1912 George, by then a fully trained blacksmith, married Agnes Kemp at Oldmeldrum having met her at the dancing in the village. Agnes was the sister of Willie Kemp a well regarded north east entertainer. When Agnes’ parents died she inherited the family ‘Kemps Hotel’ at Oldmeldrum which duly  became known as ‘Morris’s Hotel’.

George started a dramatic society in Oldmeldrum and also a concert party, writing many songs for the latter.  In fact all of the songs on this tape, other than ‘The Buchan Miller’,  were written by him.  

In 1930 a character photograph was published in a local paper.  This caught the attention of Beltona Records who contacted Morris to arrange an audition.  Beltona  was owned by the Murdoch Trading Corporation in Glasgow and specialised in recording Scottish entertainers.

The audition was successful and Morris began making the fi rst of many journeys to recording sessions in London and Edinburgh.  His Beltona  career continued until 1938 and during the period he made over forty recordings for the  label.

Many of the original 78s are still about today.   The selection of tracks on this cassette has been taken directly from old 78rpm shellac coated records loaned  to us by George’s son Willie, transferred to computer and digitally improved.  Willie assures us that his father would have been absolutely delighted.

The most successful of the recordings was undoubtedly ‘The Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre’ which had ‘Nicky Tams’ on the reverse.  Thereafter ‘The Buchan Bobby’ was the next most popular.  Perhaps surprisingly the records sold well in Europe - ‘Neeps Tae Pluck’ being a huge success in Holland!

George continued entertaining until just a few months before his death at Morris’s Hotel in Oldmeldrum on 25th September 1958.

He derived much pleasure and amusement from his music and song, we are quite sure that you will also. 


14 Tracks - Total Running Time of 49 min 44 sec.

1.  The Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre


2. The Hash o’ Bennagoak


3. The Buchan Plooman


4. The Buchan Scottische


5. The Buchan Miller


6. Sleepytown


7. Fisher’s Dreams


8. Muckle Friday Fair


9.  A Pair o’ Nicky Tams


10.  Simple Sammy


11. The Buchan Bobby


12.  A New Lum Hat


13.  Come Awa’ Sandy


14.  Neeps Tae Pluck