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The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra – 21st ANNIVERSARY CONCERT

This album is available on CD only:

14 Tracks: Strings of Bon Accord, The Flower o' the Quern, Scott Skinner's Compliments, The Rose of Tralee, Tribute to Sir Jimmy Shand, Fiddlers' Concerto, Blind Mary, Lady Gethin, Dashing White sergeant, Salute to the Cornkisters, Panis Angelicus, Hamilton House, Gay Gordons, Orange Blossom Special, Irish Jigs, Kemnay House.

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra – TORONTO

The amazing sound of the massed fiddles in concert at The Molston Amphitheatre, Toronto.

CD 17 tracks/Video 48 Mins : Tunes include Rowan Tree, Atholl Highlander, Ceud Mile Failte, Teviot Bridge, New Rigged Ship, Stool Of Repentance, Mary Bain's Wedding, Hundred Pipers, The Tay Boat Song, Flower O' The Quern, Skye Boat Song, Petronella, Neivie Neive Nick Nack, Come Let Us Dance And Sing, Wee Jamie, French Air, Brenda's Box, Lord Lovat's Lament, The Clumsy Lover, Barren Rocks Of Aden, 6.20 Two-step, Scotland The Brave, Dear Old Donegal, If You're Irish, I'll Be Off To Tipperary In The Morning, MacNamarra's Band, The Dark Island, Will Ye No Come Back Again, Ontario Swing, Murray River Jig, Lemonville Jig, Elliot's Reel, Bowing The Strings, Roxburgh Castle, Kiss Me Quick, The Ton, Aitken Drum, Caddam Wood, Auld Lang Syne, Caddam Wood, We're No Awa', Scotland The Brave, Caddam Wood.   

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra – CANADA O CANADA
A celebration of The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra's outstanding summer tour of Canada. From British Columbia in the West to Toronto in the East, the orchestra received a tumultuous welcome wherever it played.

CD 18 tracks/Video 50 Mins : Tunes include O Canada, Canadian 4 Step, Jenny's Bawbee, Black Dance, The Road To The Isles, Royal Scots Polka, Planxty - Miss Power, Scott Skinner's Compliments To Dr. McDonald, Mull Fair, Round The Bend, Gentle Annie, Sandy's Reel, When The Battle Is Over, My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean, Roxburgh Castle, Auld Lang Syne, Caddam Wood, Will Ye No' Come Back Again.

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra – PRINCE OF THE MISTS
The concept of the Prince Of The Mists overture is to tell in musical terms, the short history of the Rebellion of 1745 culminating in the last battle to be fought on British soil, Culloden in 1746. The music has been chosen either for its direct association with the incidents or for the place names relevant to the itinerary of the Prince and his "Highland Army". This work will provide you with a most moving experience of these dramatic events in Scottish history.

CD Tracks/ Video 50 Mins : Tunes include  Bonnie Prince Charlie's story in music. Prince Of The Mists (Eriskay Love Lilt, The Yellow Haired Laddie, Wae's Me For Price Charlie, Rise And Follow Charlie, March Of The Cameron Men, Pibroch Of Donald Dhu, A Highland Lad My Love Was Born, Highland Laddie, Charlie Is My Darlin', The Bells Of The Churches, This Is No My Ain Hoose, Hey Johnny Cope, Wi' A Hundred Pipers, Loch Lomond, The Campbells Are Coming, Highland Laddie, The Grenadier's March, Highland Laddie, Culloden Day, Flowers O' The Forest, Welcome To Uist, Over The Sea To Skye, Will You No Come Back Again, Coronation March), My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose, The Blubell Polka, Scotland Again, Scotland The Brave, Road To The Isles, Salute To J. Scott Skinner (Dumbarton Castle, The Miller O' Hirn, Mackenzie Fraser), She Moved Through The Fair, Rowan Tree, Canadian Reels (Canadian National Exhibition Reel, Earl Mitten's Breakdown, Don Messer's Breakdown, Bill Cheatam), Last Of The Lairds (Teviot Bridge, New Rigged Ship, Stool Of Repentance, Mary Bain's Wedding, The Hundred Pipers).

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra – THE FIDDLER’S PARTY
A fine collection of ceilidh dance music - THIS ALBUM NOT AVAILABLE ON VIDEO

CD 18 tracks/Video 50 Mins : Tunes include The Bluebell Polka, The Military Two-step, Canadian Barn Dance, Strip The Willow, Lomond Waltz, The Dashing White Sergeant, The Eva Three-step, The Gay Gordons, The Canadian Barn Dance, Highland Scottische, The Britannia Two-step, St Bernard's Waltz, The Boston Two-step, The Gay Gordons, Highland Scottische, The Duke Of Perth, The Eightsome Reel.

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra – THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL
One of the highlights of the season is their concert in The Royal Albert Hall, for which the S.F.O take The Fiddlers' Express from Scotland to London. This video includes film of the journey.

CD 14 tracks/Video 47 Mins : Tunes includeElizabeth's Royal Albert, The Orkney Two-step, Scotland Yet, Polkas (The Butterfly Polka, The Primrose Polka), Jigs From The Gow Collection (Miss Grace Hay's Delight, Drummond Castle, Peggie's Wedding, Bung Your Eye, Money In Both Pockets), Massacre Of Glen Coe, Old Wooly Jumper, The Musical Flea, The Glee Club, Irish Fantasia, Western Isles Medley (Westering Home, Skye Boat Song, Marie's Wedding), Crookit Bawbee, Eightsome Reel, Auld Lang Syne.

With Mary Sandeman and James Nicol.

CD 17 tracks/Video 59 Mins : Tunes include Saint Andrew's Cross, The Keel Row, The Apothecary, Rosebud Of Allanvale, For These Are My Mountains, Breakdown, Lass O' Gowrie, Babes In The Wood, This Is No My Ain Lassie, The Scented Fairy Bower, The Dancing Priest, Irish Washerwoman, March Of The Clans, The Duke Of Perth, Broun's Reel, A Man's A Man For A' That, Shufflin' Samuel, The Runt Of The Litter, My Ain Folk, The Shetlander, Kenmure's On An' Awa, Top Of Ben Lomond, Bonnie Dundee, Jig Of Slurs, Cock O' The North, Caddam Wood.

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra – LET GLASGOW FLOURISH

From The Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow.

CD 17 tracks/Video 60 Mins : Tunes include Ceud Mile Failte, The Flower Of Portencross, The White Cockade, Wild Mountain Thyme, The Jewel In The Crown, The Braes Of Ballochmyle, Andy Mackay's Farewell To Tayside Police, The Hills Of Galloway, Auld Lang Syne, Dashing White Sergeant, Dance Of The Basses, Amigod Para Siempre, Scotland The Brave, Dark Lochnagar, Bridge Port Reel, Back Up And Push, Swinging Reels.

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra – FESTIVAL CITY
Edinburgh, known throughout the world as the "Festival City" plays host every year to the Scotttish Fiddle Orchestra. With guest spots from James Nicol and Mary Sandeman.

CD 16 tracks/Video 59 Mins : Tunes include Ceud Mile Failte, The Prince Of Wales' Jig, Kenmure's On An' Awa, The Top Of Ben Lomond, Bonnie Dundee, Bonnie Wells O' Wearie, The Bugle Call, Flowers Of Edinburgh, Lass O' Patie's Mill, East Neuk O' Fife, Bottom Of The Punch Bowl, Loch Lomond, Whistling Rufus, Flower Of Scotland, Circassian Circle, The 'Draperraff' Hornpipe, Storer's Hornpipe, Threave Cottage, March Of The Cellos, Bluebells Of Scotland, McFarlane O' The Sprots, The Barnyards O' Delgaty, Mormond Braes, The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie, The Muckin O' Geordie's Byre, Scotland Again, Maple Sugar, Blackthorn Stick, Jackson's Jig, Rory O' More, Roaring Jelly, Pet O' The Pipers, Nessun Dorma.

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - Over the Water
The memorable Irish tour with conductor John Mason. The video captures the highlights of the show and also portrays much of the scenic beauty of the Emerald Isle together with behind-the-scenes shots of many of the participants preparing for performances. With guests Mary Sandeman (mezzo-soprano), James Nicol (tenor), compere Robbie Shepherd and Piper David Low.

CD 18 tracks/Video 50 Mins : Tunes include Fiddlers To The Fore, Ma Big Kilmarnock Bunnet, The Soor-Milk Kert, Bonnie Wee Jeannie McCall, Mary O' Argyll, Annie's Reel, Jackie Groat, Hamish's Tune, Jean Kilpatrick's Fancy, Caddam Wood, Music O' The Spey, Fiddler O' Dooney, The Hen's Mairch Ower The Midden, Phil The Fluter's Ball, The Irish Washerwoman, Drunken Piper, Barren Rocks Of Aden, The Hopeful Lover, The Deveron Wheel, Give Me Your Hand, Eamonn Gilmartin's Eclipse, Girl With The Bewitching Eyes, Miss Fanny Poer, Bucks Of Oranmore, Dinny O' Brien, Teetotaler, Maid Behind The Bar, Dear Old Donegal, If You're Irish, I'll Be Off To Tipperary In The Morning, McNamara's Band, Listen To The Mockingbird, Scots Wha Ha'e, Prince Of The Mists, Auld Lang Syne.

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - Northern Lights
From The Music Hall in Aberdeen with Mary Sandeman, James Nicol and Robbie Shepherd.

CD 18 tracks/Video 50 Mins : Tunes include Music Of New And Old Caledonia, Farewell My Love, The Auld Rants, Heroes Of Longhope, The Hibiscus Two-step, Dumbarton's Drums, Farewell Tae Tarwathie, Highland Scottische, Music Of The Northern Lands, James Nicol, Swinging Reels, Glee Club, Irish Washerwoman, Rakes Of Kildare, Sorry To Part, The Rollicking Irishman, Ye Banks And Braes, Ottawa Valley Reel, Boil Them Cabbage Down, Gary Murphy's Jig, Bowing The Strings, The Orange Blossom Special, Highland Cathedral