Twa Melodeons

Bill Stuart with Lena Garden


Available on Cassette - Catalogue Number - YMMC03 - £4.99

This is a fine recording of two melodeons, one leading, played by Bill Stuart and the other harmonising, played by Lena Garden.  This creates, so far as I am aware, a unique sound. 

The clarity and sweetness of tone, along with Bill and Lena’s heartfelt interpretation of the tunes produce an ‘awfy fine soond’ – surely the basis of all good music.  
Both Bill and Lena play at functions and have won melodeon competitions all over the north-east.  Such is the demand that they are sometimes out ‘echt nichts a wik’! 
The recording features a mix of tunes from their own area and from all over the world. 
Bill has lived and farmed at New Braes, Cushnie near Alford all his days.  Lena was born into the farming culture at Lumphanan and remained in that environment until she was widowed.  Both have enjoyed a lifetime’s involvement with music. Lena’s interest in the melodeon arose through listening to Bill at the ‘Box and Fiddle’ ceilidhs. 

Eventually they teamed up to produce this unique and highly enjoyable sound.  My own favourite  has to be ‘The Black Mask Waltz’ given the treatment by Bill and Lena.  I thoroughly recommend this album to you.  Ian Cruickshanks, Kirriemuir.


16 Tracks - Total Running Time of 45 min 51 sec.


Dear Old Donegal / If You’re Irish Come Into The Parlour / McNamara’s Band


The Keel Row / Castles in the Air / Orange and Blue


Bless Them All / I Belong Tae Glasgow / Irish Eyes / Fare You Well Annabel / The Four Marys Waltz


Marching Through Georgia / Campdown Races / John Peel /  Swanee River


The Black Mask Waltz


 Uncle Joshua


Annie Laurie / Will Ye No’ Come Back Again / Rothesay Bay


The Cradle Song / Mrs Scott Skinner / The Duchess Tree


Wheels / The Happy Wanderer / Obladi – Oblada / The Samba


The Yellow Rose of Texas / Let Them Go Let Them Tarry / You Are My Sunshine / Coming Round The Mountain


Don’t Let Me Crossover / Waltzing on Top of the World / Goodnight Irene/ Mocking Bird Hill


A Man’s a Man for a’ That / My Heart is Sair / Comin’ Thro’ The Rye / Duncan Gray / Ae Fond Kiss


John Brown’s Body / The Quartermaster’s Store / Tramp Tramp Tramp / The Runaway Train


Maggie / Red River Valley / Blackboard of My Heart / Wreck of the Number Nine


 Roses in Bloom


 Roamin’ in the Gloamin’ / I Love A Lassie / A Wee Doch n’ Dorus