7 ingenious alternatives to classic closet doors

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Renovating an old, outdated but functional (and possibly bespoke) locker room can cost hundreds of dollars – OR… A pinch of dexterity and a few good ideas.

Give your whole room a whole new face with very little effort with ours alternatives to cabinet doors swing so boring: it’s not expensive and the final effect will be absolutely WOW!

Alternatives to classic cabinet doors

After years of valiant service, you simply don’t see it anymore, so practical and functional and yet so “always the same“.

These moldings, these scratches of time, these doors which are more voluminous. You don’t feel like that closet belongs to you anymore.

But what to do? To change a cabinet it takes a lot of money, you have to dismantle the old one and throw it in the dump, assemble the new one… These are not things that can be done in a flash.

I am wrong?

So don’t! Find an alternative solution to modernize your outdated wardrobe and make it the centerpiece of the bedroom!

Like, how?

Thanks to the advice that we are going to give you in this article on the 7 ingenious alternatives to cabinet doors.

Here is the list of alternatives to classic closet doors:

1. Curtains

Wardrobe curtains

An idea as simple as it is effective to give a radically different look to the room (and to the dressing room) which allows you to change when you want on a small budget.

What could be easier? Dismantle the doors and insert the curtain hooks to hang the guide on them, and There you gothe game is over.

among all types of curtains available on the market, you can really treat yourself.

With panel curtains you will have a modern and linear line while with soft curtains you will give movement to the room. Choose a solid color or a delicate pattern to make it a complementary piece of furniture or have fun with eccentric patterns to make it the protagonist of the room.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile
  • They allow you to change fancy, color and style as often as you want
  • Very decorative
  • Easy to clean
  • Economic


  • To wash them you will have to take them apart and reassemble them like window curtains.
  • They don’t stay in the “wide open” position like a door and for some it can be inconvenient to pick out the dress or put the laundry away
  • Choosing the right fabric in the right pattern or shade can be tricky

2. Beaded curtains


A dip in the 70s when hippies dominated the scene and the world of fashion and furniture was full of color and originality.

Replacing the wardrobe doors with bead curtains, in wood or plastic, can be an unusual choice but certainly full of charm.

Perhaps you remember those of the bars, not the best in aesthetics, but in the market you can find dozens of more glamorous alternatives that guarantee you a super stylish result.

To put them together you just need a few hooks or some nails, to wash them you can use a dust cloth and sometimes you can take them apart and wash them with soap and water.


  • There are hundreds of patterns, materials and color schemes
  • You can change style whenever you want
  • They are not expensive
  • They are easy to assemble and clean
  • They have an incredible visual impact


  • They are a more female than male choice
  • Not suitable for families with young children who by hanging could break the thread and scatter the beads all over the place, with the risk of falling or suffocation
  • They do not completely obscure the view
  • They make noise when they move

3. Sliding doors

Sliding doors

A modern and space-saving idea but one that you will need a professional or two for.

By choosing to change the hinged doors by a sliding door, you can create a really high level work but the investment to be budgeted will be higher than the first two alternatives.

A good carpenter can assemble a sliding trolley and prepare doors suitable for your wardrobe that you can move from side to side to open or close them.

If you want, you can find pull-out trolleys with doors even in large furnishing centers, such as at Ikea, but this model is not necessarily quite suitable for your wardrobe, especially if it is these are antique or vintage models.

Additionally, you will need to estimate the weight of the new doors relative to the material yours is made of.

For this we recommend that you rely on a professional, but if you do – believe me – the result will be among the most elegant possible. You will really feel like you have bought a new wardrobe.


  • It’s a space-saving solution
  • Completely blackout
  • Solid and durable over time
  • Extremely elegant
  • Convenient to use


  • It can be expensive
  • You need a professional
  • Your wardrobe may not have the right requirements

4. Screen

@Ariyona Interior

Even if it does not completely cover the wardrobe, a screen can divide the room with originality, thus creating a small “dressing” corner.

It is particularly spectacular and can also be useful for hiding discarded clothes or laundry that needs to be stored.

You can find screens of large or small dimensions and with many different designs, even very eccentric.

If you wish, you can combine the screen with a curtain or a beaded curtain for an even more original effect, in this way you can also hide the most personal objects and enjoy the screen as an element of style.


  • Affordable price
  • Variety of types and models
  • Scenography
  • Easy to move
  • It can be reused in other rooms in case you change your mind


  • It does not cover the whole wardrobe
  • It takes up more space than other solutions

5. Venetian

@Café swing doors

Another curtain but with a completely different effect.

Venetian blinds are the blinds that we usually use in offices or in bathrooms and kitchens made up of many metal or wooden slats that we can raise and lower by means of a cord mechanism.

Certainly, using them as closet doors is an original choice.

They’re easy to find, affordable, in many different colors (albeit solid colors), and easy to assemble. You can follow the window installation guidelines by fitting them to the closet or avoid the problem by purchasing adhesive mounts for venetian blinds.

They are also very easy to clean, practically a dust catcher and an occasional wipe down with a damp soapy cloth is enough.

Unlike fabric and beaded curtains, they have the huge advantage that they can be pulled up when needed. A great convenience because you can arrange the wardrobe or choose what to put simply by fixing the curtain at the top.


  • Originals
  • Affordable price
  • Variety of colors
  • They are relieved when we need them
  • Completely blackout
  • Easy to clean


  • They make noise when they move
  • The rope mechanism may not be practical for everyone
  • They can easily deform

6. Carpet


Beach house? Why don’t you try replacing the closet door with a straw mat?

It’s one of a kind, witty, it fits the context, it’s very inexpensive… What more could you ask for?

You can attach the rug like a curtain, and to keep it completely closed, you can add small magnets around the edges of the closet and the rug, down to the floor.

In this way, you will have a surface that adheres perfectly to the opening of the cabinet that you can open and close with the greatest of ease.

Only drawback: it will not be easy to find mats as high as the whole wardrobe, but you can sew two together to reach the necessary length.


  • Very cheap
  • Original and nice
  • Adapt to context
  • Easy to customize


  • It doesn’t always cover the whole closet
  • It requires some dexterity

7. Containers and baskets


But after all… Why find a way to replace the doors?

Today there are dozens of solutions for organizing content with extreme cohesion.

The proposals for various baskets, cubes and containers are so vast and their use so functional that by playing with the different types you can create a wall that gives value to the room and has nothing uneven about it.

In addition, this way you can immediately find everything you need. Everything will have its place, perfect both for the maniacs of order and for the disorderly ones who with this method will not be able to go wrong.

If you are a person who changes house often, you will find the container method very advantageous: with each new move your clothes and linen will be ready to be moved.

Not to mention that this technique also optimizes seasonal wardrobe changes.


  • Many possibilities of choice between dimensions, shapes, materials and colors of the containers
  • Order effect guaranteed
  • Perfect for those who move often, for order freaks and also for the messy
  • Limit the accumulation of superfluous
  • They can be recycled in other rooms of the house


  • Containers (based on type and size) can be expensive
  • Some things may remain visible


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