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My name is Andrea Pilotti and I am one of the many Italians who gain weight doing sedentary work, yesWell over time I managed to lose weight wearing running shoes, unfortunately the excess weight and sedentary lifestyle had already taken a toll on my back.

In 2013 I started having more and more pain in my spine and after a few checkups I discovered that I had several herniated discsto be precise, a lumbar, a dorsal (more unique than rare) and two cervical.

In search of pain relief, the first step was to decide which mattress to choose suffer less during night rest.

Working as a consultant in the digital marketing industry, this backbone problem was the starting point for creating a website dedicated to choose the right mattressnot just for anyone with back problems, but for anyone who wants a ergonomic support for better rest.

Since 2013, I have always researched the best models, using the technical specifications as measures of evaluation and comparison, and in some cases directly testing the products.

Every year I update my buying guides for the best models of memory foam, on springs, latex And hybrids. My assessment of individual mattresses may also change over time, depending on any new qualitative factors taken into consideration.

In my reviews you will also find a price comparison tool that can help you spend less. The price comparison, developed by my friend and programmer Angelo Randazzo, extracts prices from Trovaprezzo, Kelkoo and Amazon to give you the best price online.

health advisor

Consultant of this site for articles on back health in relation to the use of the mattress and the pillow, he is the specialist in physiotherapy and osteopathy Dr. Pierpaolo Camelli.

Contacts for companies

To send samples for testing, you can contact me at


As reported in Terms of use which I invite you to read, I remind you that all the opinions and considerations expressed on my site must be understood unequivocally in my personal capacity, and are protected by article 21 of the Italian Constitution.

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