Bathroom faucet: the best of 2022

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Don’t think about the best bathroom faucet as a simple detail: it is an integral part of all furniture, in addition to being a fundamental element of daily hygiene.

But bathroom taps, whether basin or bidet mixers, shower columns or bathtub groups, are also design objects that have a significant aesthetic impact on the entire interior. environment.

It is precisely for this important double function that it is necessary to choose them carefully, carefully evaluating each aspect.

What is the best bathroom faucet?

The simplest solution, as you navigate from one site to another of manufacturing companies, would be to make the choice according to the principle “I like, I don’t like”.

But such an approach is not entirely correct, because the aesthetics of the bathtub faucet or the sink is not the defining feature.

Grohe bathroom mixer

In fact, there are other key aspects to consider, such as the size of the water spout and whether or not the faucet body can be rotated.

These parameters are very important, since the comfort of the installation depends on them, as well as the level of efficiency of the accessory depending on the specifications of the washbasin.

Below we present to you best bathroom faucets:

1. Auralum Black Bathroom Faucet

If you’ve ever brushed your teeth with the classic low fixed faucet, you know how uncomfortable it can be. And the more the years pass, the more the discomfort increases.

The solution is there: a tall, fully rotating model.

Made of stainless steel, it does not fear corrosion and thanks to a special surface treatment it does not fade. Dispensing via the bubbler is quiet, splash proof and saves up to 30% water.

2. Takestop bathroom faucet

If you’re a particularly budget-conscious person, don’t miss this faucet!

Classic in style, it can be installed both on the sink and on the bidet. It even comes with a jet aerator and in the package you will find everything you need for installation on the sink: gaskets and flexible connectors.

3. Modern Gavaer mixer tap

Let yourself be pampered by a cascading jet of water, without splashing and in the greatest silence…

This is a model that is not afraid of corrosion and rust. It has a brass body, while the surface is chrome.

It is easy to install even if you are not particularly experienced in DIY.

4. Auralum RGB LED Mixer

Those who enjoy the beneficial effects of chromotherapy will certainly appreciate the potential offered by an RGB LED faucet.

The color change takes place depending on the temperature, to ensure maximum safety of use even for the little ones.

It is in polished chromatic brass, while the spout is in glass.

5. Aoufottes High Basin Mixer Tap

Over time, the surface of some faucets tends to deteriorate. They still work perfectly, but you would still want to change them.

If you want to have a model that is always perfect even in its look, choose a model made entirely of metal. Equipped with a ceramic disc cartridge, it is not prone to leaks or drips.

Easy to assemble, it is covered by a three-year warranty.

6. Kiamami Valentina Bathroom Faucet

Very often the problems of space are felt especially in the bathroom. This is why it is important in these cases to choose a compact faucet, which fits easily into a small to medium-sized sink.

Its installation kit is complete with everything: fixing kit, flexible hose thirty-seven centimeters and drain plug 1 and 1/4 abs, with pop-up closure.

7. Modern Bathroom Faucet Press

Ideal for: attractive price

This mixer is immediately appreciated for its design, meticulous in every detail. Made of polished chrome-plated brass, it blends easily with all styles of furniture.

The mixer lever operates smoothly, allowing you to adjust the water temperature to suit your individual needs.

Another interesting aspect is its ease of installation, even if you are not particularly experienced in DIY. Inside the package, everything needed for installation is provided, including two flexible hoses.

What types of bathroom faucets are there?

What’s the first thing that hits a faucet?

The answer is simple: its design.

Indeed, the first criterion for choosing the bathroom faucets it is based on aesthetics, since each component must contribute to enhance the style of the environment in which it is inserted.

But even if this is true, the technical characteristics of different models should not be underestimated, because how you use the water resource depends on it.

In the market you can find different types of faucets. Let’s take a brief look at them together.

  • Mixer double handle

Until a few decades ago, this configuration was particularly widespread.

The faucet has a solid body and is equipped with two knobs that control the water flow cold and hot and mix.

It can be installed both on the bathroom sink than on the wall.

the single-lever mixer this is currently the most common type. With a vertical movement of the lever, the tap opens and closes, while with a horizontal movement, the temperature of the flowing water is adjusted.

Thanks to the practical handle, you can even open the water supply with your elbow, which is ideal if you have particularly dirty hands.

The mixture of hot and cold water in the model single-lever basin mixer is made by a ceramic disc cartridge internal.

Ideal for optimizing water consumption, single-lever basin mixer electronics is designed with a sensor that “feels” when you put your hands together and start the fresh water stream.

When you move them away, the water stops flowing.

There are those on the market that do not provide for hot/cold water mixing but only produce cold water (or offer a non-adjustable pre-set mixture).

They are usually fitted in public places to allow you to rinse your hands quickly and avoid a excessive water consumption.

Some models are instead designed with a small lever or a series of buttons that adjust the temperature.

Cascade mixers are an advanced design solution inspired by nature.

They are available in a wide variety of shapes and materials to meet all assembly needs.

Their installation does not differ from that of the standard models. The only difference is that the water supply in this case has a large cross section.

If normal water supply parameters reach 25 liters per minute, in waterfall bathroom faucet this value varies from 35 to 55 liters per minute.

As for the beak, in the the waterfall is ultra wide: its width can reach 30 cm.

These devices are designed to withstand a temperature specified by the user.

As a rule, the thermostatic model has several regulators, one is used to dose the temperaturewhile the other is used for water pressure adjustments.

It is available in mechanical and electronic versions.

Electronic models have the appearance of a long cylinder and are equipped with a liquid crystal display that shows the selected parameters. Mechanisms can be lever, handle or ceramic valve.

What should be considered when buying a bathroom faucet?


There are some aspects that are important to consider before purchasing a bathroom mixer.

Before choosing the faucet, it is important to assess how the installation will take place: on the wall or directly on the sink?

in addition to being easy to install, a wall-mounted model is very practical, as it allows the handles and spout to be positioned at the desired height. Plus, it doesn’t “steal” valuable sink space.

Keep in mind that this solution requires a recessed part in the wall: this aspect must be taken into consideration when designing the bathroomso that the pipe network and the basic set for wall mounting are already installed before tiling.

The mixers also differ in height and spout length.

The choice in this case depends on the purpose for which you will use the sink. If you just need to rinse your hands or brush your teeth, you can opt for a mid-height or low-height mouth.

In case you also need to shampoo, look for a model with a high mouth.

Want to save water? So buy a water-saving faucet. For example, a thermostatic faucet allows you to limit excessive consumption some water.

Are you going to buy a fountain faucet? A button is then the most durable option. In addition, you can opt for a cold start function: the tap always starts with cold water and you can therefore set it warmer. In this way, the energy demand is lower.

Many thermostatic valves have a temperature limiter (or safety shut-off). This way you initially only open the tap to about 40 degrees.

If you still want hotter water, you have to press the button and turn it at the same time.

Are you looking for a boiling water tap and want more safety? Look for a childproof control button.


Although the aesthetic factor plays a predominant role in choosing a bathroom faucet, several other aspects are important to consider.

From the type of installation at the height of the spout, from the presence of safety devices to design solutions for the protection of the environment… so many considerations to take into account in order to make a targeted and informed purchase.

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