Best 100% Natural Latex Mattresses 2022

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Kipli mattress


  • 100% natural latex
  • Good hypoallergenic properties
  • High breathability
  • Excellent value
  • 5 zones with differentiated lift
  • Multi-certified product
  • Class 1 medical device
  • Organic cotton lining
  • Easily removable cover with summer and winter side


  • The mattress in the 160 x 200 version weighs 57 kg (even if this denotes the high quality of the product)

Kipli mattress

The Kipli mattress is a good purchase choice for allergy sufferers, but also to relieve or eliminate back pain. A product that exploits the qualities offered by natural latex certified by European and international organizations.

The Kipli mattress is made up of a 20 cm high 100% natural latex plate (22 cm if we also consider the cover) made up of two layers of different densities.

Kipli mattress

One of the advantages of this material is the absence of chemical agents and harmful emissions for health; qualities underlined by the certification of the German organization ECO-INSTITUTEobtained only after passing rigorous laboratory tests that exclude the presence of volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, pesticides and formaldehyde.

To reaffirm the great attention of the Italian company for the health and safety of the consumer, there is the Swiss certification OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 which requires compliance with particularly strict requirements and well beyond those provided for by the national regulations in force.

As for the quality of the latex, the user can be reassured in view of the certifications EUROLATEX And WHAT who verify the origin of the raw material and the 100% natural composition.

Often when buying a latex mattress, doubts arise about the longevity and the gradual loss of elasticity.

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Kipli mattress

Also in this case, the product is subjected to durability tests with weights up to 150 kg and for more than 30,000 movements, in order to verify the consequences on the thickness of the slab, on the density and on the properties. of resilience. Only after the positive result of the tests also on the resistance of the side parts is the mattress suitable for CATAS.

Moving on to the analysis of comfort at rest, this model is composed of two layers of different densities. The soft side has a thickness of 5 cm and a density of 65 kg/m³while the rigid side is made of a 15 cm thick plate with a density of 85kg/m³.

The two parts also offer a different stiffness index to better adapt to the body and ensure adequate support at the points of greatest pressure.

The ergonomics of natural latex is an added benefit that allows you to keep your spine properly aligned while resting, generating benefits for those with back pain and joint pain.

More sound honeycomb structure promotes good air circulation, leaving the body dry and preventing the formation of fungus and mold. Another interesting feature of 100% natural latex is its products hypoallergenic properties which, in fact, prevent the proliferation of bacteria and mites.

This mattress is particularly suitable for people with respiratory problems or any type of allergy to dust mites and chemicals. Also remember that this is a model certified as a class 1 medical devicethe purchase costs can therefore be deducted on the tax return.

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Finally, it is good to say a few words about outer fabric made of organic cotton and Tencel, 320gr/m² in 39% Tencel and 61% certified organic cotton GOTS. The organic filling is 100% wool 500gr/m² (GOTS certified), while the inner fabric is 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified)

Wool, contrary to what one might think, is one of the most breathable and resistant natural materials. Another thing that few people know is that wool is by nature antibacterial and offers a high degree of fire resistant.


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