Electric Hand Dryers: The Best of 2022

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The best electric hand dryer is a very popular device in public places. It is more hygienic than the conventional roll towel and has a lower handling cost than mechanical disposable paper dispensers.

The reasons for preferring electric dryers they are many. They are comfortable to use, they dry hands quickly and once installed, they require little or no maintenance.

For users, the advantages materialize in a substantial saving of time compared to traditional dispensing systems, in a better feeling of hygiene (there is no contact with the towels used by others) and in a pleasant gradual warming of the hands, especially if they have washed with cold water.

What is the best electric hand dryer?

It is enough to do a quick search on the net, looking for comparisons between the different equipment with the relative tests, to realize that that of electric hand dryers is a really vast inverse.

Many users who have tried them offer their opinions and advice. Indeed, it is not difficult to find one. good cheap and quality electric hand dryerwhose best price is truly accessible to all.

If you are looking for the budget model or the latest technology, this buying guide will definitely help you.

Below we present to you best electric hand dryers:

1. Aspira-Fantini Cosmi Electric Hand Dryer

Best for: toughness

It works by photocell and, thanks to the power of the motor, ensures a constant temperature of the hot air.

Hands dry completely in just 30 seconds. The luminaire is made with careful design down to the smallest detail and fits perfectly into any type of environment.

Functional and sturdy, it has a heat and impact resistant white abs cover and a self-extinguishing abs support.

2. Electric hand dryer Bartscher 850000

Ideal for: simple assembly

It is a device that, thanks to its plastic case, is particularly light (weighs 2.6 kilograms), a technical detail that allows the optimization of assembly operations.

It is equipped with an automatic on/off switch activated by an infrared sensor. It has an airflow of 53 liters per second.

Its dimensions are 24.4 x 26.4 x 20 centimeters.

3. MaxBlast Automatic Hand Dryer

Best for: large airflow

With its high airflow of 120 meters per second, it is designed to dry your hands in 7-12 seconds.

Despite its power, it is very attentive to energy consumption (only 550W).

The particular technological solutions introduced in the equipment make it possible to minimize noise emissions, which are only equal to 72 dB.

4. Electric hand dryer Mediclinics Dualflow Plus M14A

Best for: two sensors

It is equipped with two sensors for instantaneous detection of the adjustable engine speed.

Its technical features include Biocote antimicrobial protection, filters with antibacterial treatment.

Particularly silent, it has an acoustic emission of 65-68 dB. It is made of plastic and is 100% recyclable. It measures 65.6 x 32 x 22.6 cm.

5. Kenley Electronic Hand Dryer

Best for: Small footprint

It has a modern design, with a profile thin enough to optimize the footprint.

Made in the name of maximum hygiene, it activates automatically, without the need to press a button. The air speed is 2400 rpm, with the emission of a powerful flow that dries and acts in just ten seconds.

Its structure is made of shockproof, resistant and robust ABS plastic.

6. Electric hand dryer Capaldo Smart Jet

Best for: design

What strikes at first glance is its elegant and refined look, which is an ideal complement to the modern and designer bathroom environment.

This wall-mounted electric hand dryer works with a smart jet photocell and emits a powerful and efficient stream of warm air.

It has a size of 23.8 x 15.6 x 9.95 centimeters and is made with sturdy components, made to last.

How much does an electric hand dryer consume?


New models are designed with sensor automatic switching on and off, are therefore designed with a view to energy saving. They are also more efficient from the point of view of the volume of air treated and its temperature while using lower powers.

Indeed, the material is available Low consumption with a absorption electrical power and which, while operating at 1500W, offer superior performance compared to older 2300W models.

The issue of improving performance and energy efficiency is, in fact, the theme that accompanies the technical evolution of these products, which could even affect the domestic sphere, also making them a useful tool for furnishing the modern bathroom residence.

To ensure maximum hygiene, it is recommended to install the device in combination with a liquid soap dispenser also electric. The endowment of bathroom accessories proof bacteria it’s so complete.

How is an electric hand dryer made?

The models present on the market they differ from each other mainly for the technical characteristics and the methods of disbursement of hot air. And of course, any kind of technical sophistication can also significantly affect the price of the device.

electric hand dryer

The simplest types are equipped only with a fan, which emits a strong jet of air, while those with electrical resistance gradually heat it.

the air hand dryers they are also distinguished by the dimensions, the functions, the construction materials with which they are made, which can affect the costs: for example, some models have the chassis, that is to say the structure, in ABS plastic , others in polished or satin-finish steel.

The choice is not only of an aesthetic and design type but is also linked to technical factors such as resistance to wear, the ability to emit a more or less powerful and hot air jet, durability, airflow rates. scheduled maintenance…

The types are further distinguished by the choice of different brands to offer nozzle models. The air is emitted by the device and you have to direct your hands on the jet by rubbing them to promote the evaporation of the water droplets on the surface of the skin. In this case, part of the water inevitably falls on the floor, which then needs to be cleaned.

There are push buttons, which are generally less expensive. The button has to be operated by hand, but if you want to avoid contact for hygienic reasons, you can always use your elbow, the button is so big.

Often these devices are equipped with a timer for timed operation, and once the button is pressed, they continue to emit air even if the user has already left.

Automatic types, on the other hand, are designed with a photocell that detects the presence of hands and switches on the device. Automatisms are installed on the most advanced and less economical models. They allow a gain in time of use compared to those with button.

Other brands have stood out – from automatic systems – for a different choice, in which the air flow is distributed radially, that is, perpendicular, and bladed on the hands that are introduced opened in the hand dryer.

In this kind of vertical electric hand dryers, the back and forth movement of the hands dries the surface, evaporates the water whose droplets settle on the bottom of the device, without falling to the ground. So they are real drip proof electric hand dryers.

The air jet is immediately powerful because it is distributed through small holes along the edge of the two internal sides of the structure, which increases the flow speed.

The orientation for both types of wall-mounted models, the vent and the air curtain, is in any case to equip them with automatic position sensors, both for hygienic reasons since the user does not touch the button with his hand, and because they are associated with energy saving because the airflow only activates and stops in the presence of the hands (compared to the end of the cycle defined by a timer); moreover, without a button, the wear of the part and the relative maintenance are spared.

Can the electric hand dryer be silent?

An aspect not to be underestimated when buying a wall-mounted electric hand dryer resides in the noise threshold generated.

Even though all devices meet precise attenuation regulations on sound attenuation, the issue of noise in the operation of these devices is not yet fully resolved. Find a model fully silent And according to it is difficult because it is the components themselves (fans, venturi systems which accelerate the emission) which create a powerful and noisy airflow because they operate at high speed.

However, it should be noted how, with a ‘automatic electric hot air hand dryer new generation, it is possible to contain the noise within more than acceptable limits.

Why buy an electric hand dryer?

The main reason to tackle the purchase of an electric hand dryer is economics. Indeed, by comparing its use to that of a towel dispenser, considerable savings can be obtained and the equipment is quickly amortized according to the users who use it.

The sensor models, in particular, are suitable forfacility in the toilet for disabled, as they require a very low level of dexterity. Some manufacturers also offer vandal-proof electric hand dryersto avoid any risk of breakage.

L’opinion however, it is only from a strict point of view hygienicthe best way to dry your hands is to use the disposable paper towelswhich are then thrown in the trash. In certain situations such as in a hospital or inside food and pharmaceutical production premises, they remain irreplaceable.

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