Elviros cervical pillow: test and opinion

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Elviros is a pillow in my opinion suitable for people suffering, like me, from herniated discs / neck protrusions. Made of high-density memory foam with a shape that precisely follows the curves of the cervical spine and head, it is very useful when the neck is inflamed.

What I liked

  • Specific shape for neck and head
  • Stiff memory foam to maintain proper neck posture
  • Indicated for herniated/inflamed cervical disc protusion
  • Sleeping on your side doesn’t overheat your ears
  • Indicated for osteoarthritis problems of the shoulders
  • Can be used for back and side sleeping
  • It does not overheat thanks to the rigid memory foam
  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • Cheap
  • By buying it on amazon, it can be returned within 30 days with costs to be paid by amazon

What I did not like

  • Chemical smell for 2 nights, then disappears
  • Polyester lining could be cotton

Of the many neck pillows I’ve tested, this is one of the few in my medical opinion, in that it faithfully follows the curves of the cervical spine and head. By choosing the right size, you will have a real brace that can lock you in the most appropriate position to reduce inflammation of herniated discs / protrusions of the cervical spine.

For this reason, this pillow is not as comfortable as others, precisely because it has the function of correctly realigning your cervical vertebrae. I usually prefer to sleep with mine Kipli natural latex neck pillowbut when one of my two cervical hernias inflames I don’t think twice, this pillow comes back in my bed for at least 3 days.

The cushion cover is in removable and machine washable polyester, frankly I would have preferred it in cotton, but given the price of the product, the value for money is really extraordinary. Among the certifications of this pillow I appreciated the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 which certifies it fireproof.

I tested the pillow in 2 positions, supine and sideways. In my opinion, the product is adequate for both positions. In my case, being a fat man, in the lateral position I inserted a very low pillow under the Elviros pillow, so I was able to compensate for the size of my shoulders in relation to the mattress.

The thing that struck me the most about this pillow was its ability to reduce neck inflammation and related contracture in my right shoulder. As I said before, in my opinion, this is a pillow to use especially when you are “on fire”.

In conclusion would I recommend it?

If you have problems with protrusions / herniated discs, this is a support that can make the difference and allow you to sleep even when you have persistent inflammation.

Chi soffre di problemi al rachide cervicale sa bene che quando è in corso un’infiammazione si fa molta fatica a dormer, a cause del dolore continuo e spesso pulsante che a partire dal collo si irradia alla spalla e in alcuni casi scende fino al centro della hand.

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