Emma ecological pillow: test and opinion

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For a week, I slept with Emma’s eco-friendly pillow, a product that was created to help reduce pollution by introducing the concept of reusing materials. Below is my experience of using it and my thoughts on the product.

Emma's ecological pillow: test and opinion

What I liked

  • Ecological
  • It does not give off odors
  • Removable cover
  • Totally machine washable
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • 100 night trial
  • Free returns and delivery

What I did not like

  • It’s not ergonomic
  • High price

I recommend it to people who:

  • they sleep on their stomachs
  • they prefer firm pillows


1. Ecology, many talk, but someone acts

2. My experience using Emma’s eco-friendly pillow

3. In conclusion

Ecology, many talk, but someone acts

With this pillow, Emma is currently one of the few companies in the sector to put into practice what most environmentalists have been saying for years: “reuse of materials is the starting point for producing less waste and reducing pollution of the planet”.

Emma’s ecological pillow is made from mattresses returned by customers, their internal layers are worked to make a flocking, which once sanitized with ozone, forms the filling of the pillow.

The ozone sanitization procedure is also particularly environmentally friendly, as it avoids the use of a series of often polluting chemicals.

My Experience Using Emma’s Eco Pillow


The cushion has a removable cover consisting of a removable cover in 98% polyester and 2% elastane. The feeling to the touch is pleasant, the same goes for the finishes which seem to be of good quality, in line with the general production of Emma.

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As many of you know, I don’t like polyester because it’s always hot, but I have to say for most people that’s irrelevant.

Let’s move on to the inner lining of the cushion, designed to contain the flocked filling, it is made of 100% cotton yarn. The model I tested had a few seam imperfections on one of the edges, but otherwise the yarn texture and tactile feel were okay.

Emma's ecological pillow: test and opinion


As I said before, the padding is flocked, with a declared composition of 20% memory foam and 80% classic polyurethane.

Emma's ecological pillow: test and opinion

I appreciated the possibility of being able to wash the whole pillow in the washing machine, which is not normally possible for different types of products. I recommend that you do not exceed 40 degrees when washing.

Considering that memory foam flocking itself tends to lose some of the qualities of the original material, I would have preferred a pillow made from 100% memory foam flocking, but I realize that one speaks of a product that has an ecological mission at its core, and therefore the classic polyurethane sheets present in Emma mattresses are also welcome.

Emma's ecological pillow: test and opinion

In terms of consistency, the pillow seemed rather rigid to me and with limited adaptability to the physiological curves of the cervical spine.

Emma's ecological pillow: test and opinion

After testing it while sleeping in the three canonical positions: supine, stomach, and side, I would recommend it especially to stomach sleepers.

The mixture of texture, weight and size of the pillow (70 x 40 cm), in my opinion, makes it very suitable for this sleeping position which requires firm and compact support.

Emma's ecological pillow: test and opinion

Like all Emma products, this pillow has OEKO-TEX certification, which guarantees the absence of substances harmful to health, which also makes it suitable for babies.

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In conclusion

For once I can say that a company has fully delivered on its promises, this pillow is actually eco-friendly as it uses waste materials which thus find new life. Considering the 7 days of testing, I would recommend this pillow especially to stomach sleepers who prefer firm, compact products.

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