Emma One mattress: test and opinion

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Emma One is a very rigid memory foam mattress, designed to adequately support the back of people weighing more than 90 kg. The 7 differentiated lifting zones further increase comfort during rest.

What I liked

  • Excellent support thanks to greater rigidity
  • 3 memory plates
  • Areas with differentiated support for the back
  • Good support on the edge of the mattress
  • It does not transfer the movements of the partner
  • Removable
  • Free of toxic substances
  • 100 night trial and free returns

What I did not like

  • The lining is polyester, I would have preferred cotton

I recommend it to people who:

  • have a build of more than 90 kg
  • they prefer firm mattresses
  • they are looking for the best value for money

My experience with the Emma One Medium mattress

A product also suitable for the rest of babies and small children given compliance with the standard OEKO-TEX 100that is, a rigid system of control and certification that guarantees the absence of chemicals harmful to health.

From a constructive point of view, it presents aheight of 18 cm and a three-layer structure. The base plate has a 15cm thick and is made of polyurethane foam HRX with high degree of hardness (30 Kg/m³), is equipped with a structure a 7 zones with differentiated lift indicated to ensure orthopedic support.

This allows you to keep the spine in a natural position during rest and makes sleep more comfortable and healthier. The second layer of 1cm is in viscoelastic memory foamable to adapt to different morphologies and better distribute the pressure.

The last plate with a thickness of 3 centimeters is obtained using a patented material called Airgocell (38 Kg/m³), which is a foam with an open cell structure that promotes good ventilation.

The set is covered with a polyester fabric with particular breathable qualities to regulate the degree of humidity accumulated during rest and equipped with non-slip surface elements to allow the mattress to adhere to the bed and remain stable even in case of restless sleep. Too bad it is washable at a maximum temperature of 40°, not always sufficient to remove the most stubborn stains.

In conclusion

In my opinion, Emma One is a mattress that counts among its main assets the quality of materialsa high support without compromising comfort and the maintenance of construction characteristics over time.

A model with fairly accentuated rigidity which lends itself well to heavy peoplewhich will be adequately supported without sinking, thus avoiding incorrect postures of the spine.

For people of small build I recommend the mattress EmmaOriginal, more comfortable and enveloping. While for those who particularly suffer from the summer heat and who have back problems I recommend Emma Hybrid Premiuma hybrid mattress also equipped with the support of separately packaged steel springs.

To further customize the rigidity of its mattresses, Emma has created a topper equipped with 2 faces with differentiated rigidity. Sleeping on one side makes your mattress softer, while if you want it firmer, just flip it to the opposite side.

On the manufacturer’s site, use the code DRIVERS to get a discount.


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