Emma Original or Emma One? What is the best?

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Emma Original or Emma One? Which of these mattresses is the best? After testing both for 1 month, here is my comparison and my opinion on the most suitable choice.

emma mattress

Emma is a mattress company born in 2015 thanks to the initiative of Max Laarman. A brand not the best known but still appreciated for the design and marketing of good quality products. The idea behind the entrepreneurial project is the creation of a universal mattress capable of adapting to the most varied needs while guaranteeing reasonable selling prices.

EmmaOriginal is the name of the first model to leave the German factory, which perfectly embodies the philosophy of the brand and which is still today the best-selling product. It is a versatile mattress that adapts well to any type of build and position taken during rest. Subsequently, the catalog was enriched with Emma A.


1. The main differences between the two mattresses

2. What is the best mattress?

The main differences between the two mattresses

First of all, it should be noted that each Emma product complies with the standard OEKO-TEX 100which means the absence of any chemicals harmful to health.

From the point of view of construction, the substantial differences concern the overall height and the number of zones with differentiated lift, while the materials are practically the same. Model Original presents aheight of 25 cm and 5 zonesinstead of the mattress A has a total thickness of 18cm and 7 sectors. The structure is always made up of 3 layers of foam, with the first sheet 15 cm high for the two mattresses.

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Emma Original Mattress
Emma Original Mattress

The base layer consists of a HRX cold foam; a particular polyurethane foam that ensures considerable stability and adequate support. The middle layer is instead made of viscoelastic memory foam to better distribute the pressure and adapt to the contour of the body offering a pleasant feeling of softness. The last layer consists of Airgocellthat is, a special foam with an open cell structure to ensure optimal air circulation and considerable elasticity.

Some minor differences also characterize the exterior coating, but they are more of an aesthetic nature. The polyester fabric of the two mattresses favors good breathability and regulation of the degree of humidity accumulated during rest.

Emma One Mattress
Emma One Mattress

From the comparison they would seem products with very similar characteristics, but in reality there is an important difference that should not be overlooked. I refer to degree of hardness. Emma Original falls into the category of soft mattressso it is more suitable for people whose weight does not exceed 80 kilograms. Emma One is more of a rigid model and able to support people weighing 90 kg and above very well.

What is the best mattress?

Considering the commonalities and overall good build quality and materials, there’s no real winner. Comfort always depends on personal habits and different needs, however both mattresses perform well in various situations and demonstrate a certain versatility.

Both are covered by a 10-year warranty and are characterized by appreciable comfort and stability as well as a good support for the spine and joints. The greater degree of firmness makes Emma One a particularly suitable mattress for people weighing more than 90 kg or for those who want a firm mattress. On the contrary, it could be unwelcome by light and small users, who will rather find in the Original model a solution more adapted to their needs.

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On the manufacturer’s site, use the code DRIVERS to get a discount.


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