Emma shape memory pillow: test and opinion

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After sleeping for 1 month on Emma’s memory foam bed pillow, here are my reviews, along with material quality ratings and related tips for choosing the most suitable model for your needs. specific needs.

Emma shape memory pillow: test and opinion

What I liked

  • Good breathability
  • Customizable height
  • It is possible to choose 2 levels of stiffness
  • Suitable for both side and stomach sleepers
  • Excellent value
  • Class 1 medical device, tax deductible
  • OEKO-TEX Certification
  • Free delivery and returns

What I did not like

  • Polyester lining


1. My experience with the Emma pillow

2. Conclusion

My experience with the Emma pillow

In order to rest well, it is important to choose a pillow adapted to your habits and the conformation of the cervical spine. In this regard, the Emma pillow proves to be quite versatile, as it can be customized to fit any sleeping position.

The product arrives at your door rolled and vacuum-packed, a great way to maintain hygiene and reduce packaging clutter.

Emma shape memory pillow: test and opinion

This orthopedic bed pillow, which is part of the 19% deductible medical devices subject to medical prescription, has a standard size of 70 x 40 cm.

Emma memory foam pillow review

Emma shape memory pillow: test and opinion Emma shape memory pillow: test and opinion

It also features a three-layer structure made up of Hypergel, Hypersoft, and memory foam. This way the user can adjust the height and comfort according to specific preferences.

Emma shape memory pillow: test and opinion

The three layers have in fact different stiffnesses and textures, in order to ensure the correct curvature of the back when taking different positions during the night. The foams offer the advantage of adapting to the pressure exerted, so as to yield gradually according to the heat and the weight of the head and the neck.

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Specifically, the Hypergel foam represents the breathable layer, designed to guarantee a feeling of welcome and maximum freshness.

Emma shape memory pillow: test and opinion Emma shape memory pillow: test and opinion

The Hypersoft intermediate zone determines the ideal overall thickness of the pillow for sleeping in the side position and, if desired, it can be removed. Finally, the viscoelastic foam allows optimal distribution of the weight of the neck and head, following the physiological curves of the cervical spine.

Emma shape memory pillow: test and opinion Emma shape memory pillow: test and opinion

Generally, unlike latex, a high density memory foam pillow can be stiff for those who are used to sleeping on a support slightly higher than the natural curvature of the back and neck.

With Emma, ​​this problem does not arise, because the middle layer can always be removed to obtain adequate and comfortable support.

The cover of the Emma memory foam pillow is made of 98% polyester and 2% elastane which, in addition to being removable thanks to the presence of the zip, can also be washed up to 40°C . I recommend that you do not wash the cover in the washing machine, but soak it in hot water.

As many of you know I prefer cotton covers as they are cooler and also easier to wash but in defense of this cover I can say it is well made as you can see on the photos I took the texture of the fabric is impeccable, the same goes for the general level of finish.

Emma shape memory pillow: test and opinion Emma shape memory pillow: test and opinion

Emma memory foam pillow review

It should be remembered that a good rest is also ensured by the wholesomeness of the padding, which is why the lining has antibacterial properties. The fibers of the fabric allow good regulation of temperature and humidity in order to counter the proliferation of pathogens.

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In my opinion, Emma’s memory foam pillow represents a good mix between technology and quality of materials, capable of making rest pleasant. I really liked being able to choose which inner layers to sleep with, a feature that makes it very versatile and able to appeal to both people who sleep with high pillows and people like me who prefer low pillows.

If you have cervical problems, this pillow is definitely not the first choice, in this regard I suggest you read my ranking of best pillows for neck pain.

On the manufacturer’s website you can use the code DRIVERS to get a discount on the product.

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