examination by physiotherapist Pierpaolo Cameli

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Technical review of the Kipli natural latex mattress by physiotherapist and osteopath Dr Pierpaolo Cameli. In this test, a first-person postural analysis was performed by Dr. Cameli who slept on the mattress for 2 weeks.

When I talk to patients or my friends, I always explain how important it is to rest at night. I never talk about the number of hours of rest, but about quality: having optimal rest affects the quality of our daily life and our lifestyle.

There is a gain in psycho-physical well-being fundamental which ensures that all the postural imbalances accumulated during the day are eliminated at night, with a real regeneration of our organism.

For this, our rest must be accompanied by a mattress that welcomes us in the most harmonious way possible, to make our nights pleasant and with a painless awakening due to poor posture kept overnight.

For about 10 years I have been taking care of the back of Andrea Pilotti, author of the site, who with the 4 herniated discs enters by right among the patients who most need a ergonomic mattress with orthopedic support. For a few years we have known each other better and for some time I have been called upon to play the role of medical adviser on this site.

Returning to the Kipli mattress, as soon as it arrives and opens a positive first impression, dictated by thepleasant smell of natural latex that fills the whole room. The natural material is my prerogative in the choice: as there are allergies in the family, I wanted a naturally anti-mite and antibacterial product that was as breathable as possible.

The 3 layers that make up the Kipli mattress are:

  • 15 cm of natural latex ergonomic and perforated honeycomb, which improves body positioning and breathability.
  • 5 cm of softer natural latex to improve sleeping comfort.
  • 2 cm of organic wool which helps in the body’s thermoregulation.

Along with the product, I also received a certified organic cotton mattress cover.

Now all you have to do is try it… while lying down lying downyou immediately realize that you are lying on a surface that accommodates and at the same time supports our body.

I paid particular attention to the bowl with attached lumbar area, because it is the heaviest area of ​​our body and it is the one that MUST sink more into the mattress, ensuring that the lumbar area rests perfectly without tiring it and contracting unnecessarily during the night.

The lumbar it is the part of our body that is the most stressed during the day and it is the one that is the most painful in my patients, therefore it has an extreme need for rest at night. It must be said that everything is placed harmoniously on the mattress and the result is optimal.

In the lateral decubitus (side position) also violates the Cushion KIPLIalso in natural latex, which, welcoming our cervicals, makes it stay well aligned with the whole spine, and with the shoulders that sink into the fabric without producing excessive torsion of the body.

In conclusion

After personally testing the Kipli mattress for over 2 weeks, my review of the product is remarkably positive. I found in the product the ability to adequately support even backs with herniated and protruding discs, requiring effective protection. orthopedic and ergonomic.

At this point I leave the floor to Andrea Pilotti who, as a mattress expert, in his review can provide more details regarding the quality of materials and processing technologies of the Kipli mattress.

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