Gas stoves: The best of 2022

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The best gas stove it creates an atmosphere, is practical and heats the room evenly with pleasant warmth.

It is an effective alternative to the wood stove, because among other things, it is easier to clean.

You do not need to remove the ashes and combustion residues after use.

Besides, it is not necessary to pile up mountains of wood to feed it…

What is the best gas stove?

The heat emitted by gas stoves is perceived differently depending on their operation.

On the market you can find basically three types, which offer different advantages and characteristics in terms of capacity, consumption and safety: radiant, catalytic and blue flame stove.


When choosing, also take into account the position in which you will place it, in order to choose a suitable model in terms of size.

Below we present to you best gas stoves:

1. Bartolini Gas Stove Beautiful color – Safer stoves

Comfort, but not only: a gas stove with neat lines is a real piece of furniture.

Dress up your environment with a trendy model! You can choose it in several colors for a youthful and timeless look.

Fueled by LPG, it has three power levels: 1.4 kW, 2.8 kW and 4.2 kW. In the package there is also the regulator and the exhaust pipe. Suitable for areas up to 120 square meters.

2. Olimpia Splendid 99387 Stovy Infra Black Gas Stove

Have you always dreamed of a gas cooker but never bought it because you don’t feel safe? No problem: just choose a model equipped with several built-in protection devices.

In particular, this LPG model deactivates immediately if the level of 1.5% carbon dioxide is exceeded. It also shuts off gas flow in the event of an accidental shutdown.

It has a power of 4.2 kW on three levels and is developed with infrared technology to ensure efficient and fast heating. It is made in Italy.

3. De’Longhi Vbf 4200W Blue Flame Catalytic Stove

Even and personalized heat distribution is one of the key factors of an efficient gas stove.

The device allows you to automatically or manually adjust the strength of the flame to achieve the desired temperature in the room.

It runs on LPG, has a blue flame gas stove and is designed with a double safety system. The power is 4.2 kW.

4. LPG gas catalytic heater with DCG infrared

Models with fan are appreciated for the rapid diffusion of heat in the room. Ideal if you want to achieve pleasant comfort in a short time.

Best of all, though, is being able to choose to run the fan or not, for highly personalized use.

It has three independently operated plates and you can opt for gas or electric operation.

5. Sicar Eco 45 natural gas stove

In small environments, we try to optimize space management as much as possible. How about a stove that can also be wall mounted if desired?

It connects to the methane gas network (therefore without bottle) and is designed with a scratch-resistant sheet metal body treated with epoxy paint. Its thermal power is 4 kW, with the possibility of selecting the minimum and maximum.

6. Gas Stove with Vinco Infrared Panel

Ideal for those who aim for essentiality, it is a catalytic model designed with infrared technology for even heat distribution in rooms of approximately 40 square meters.

It works with an LPG bottle and has a thermal power of 4.2 kW. It has rollover protection, which makes it safe if there are children or pets in the house. Its dimensions are equal to 36 x 41 x 72 centimeters.

What is a gas stove?

It is a device designed for warm up propane air. The fuel is poured into a tank and is then ignited automatically or manually.

The stove that runs on propane gas is generally used in situations where the connection to the electricity network and the gas network is not available. Many people use it outdoors as a patio heater or in larger areas such as warehouses and garages to heat the air without using energy, which is needed in times of electric stoves.

Easily transportable, it lends itself to being used in the most varied situations, such as on construction sites, at sporting events and of course at home.

Gas cooker buying guide

A gas stove continuously emits hot air into a room, with the aim of maintaining or increasing the room temperature.

There are a few factors you need to pay attention to when looking to find the perfect model for your home. We explain them to you below.

Type of operation

Since there is a wide variety of gas stove models, it is important to know how they behave when they are installed, turned on and start to work and heat up.

Knowing these aspects is essential to understand how a particular model can help you solve your environmental comfort problems.

The operation of gas stoves can be basically of three types.

The heat comes from an infrared module with up to 4 kW of power. The gas consumption is 300 grams per hour and it can evenly heat up to 30 square meters.

Its irradiation technology heats objects which in turn indirectly heats the air, greatly reducing the risk of burns. It is therefore the safest option if there are children and pets in the house.

It also significantly reduces consumption.

The performance and energy savings offered by a blue flame model are far superior to the previous two options.

The air is heated immediately, so that a balanced temperature is reached in a short time. In addition, a device of this type makes it possible to heat large surfaces, with optimal comfort.

Gas type

There are three types of gas that can be used in most of these stoves: methanebutane and propane.

It is widely available, the price is affordable and it is not very polluting. The disadvantage is its high flammability.

The gas stove methane connects directly to your home network and can also be hooked up wall.

The models one lpg are the classics gas stoves with bottlewhich prove to be an ideal choice for rural areas.

They are also suitable for outdoor installations as the gas can withstand low temperatures.

It is usually contained in portable bottles, so it is easy to carry.

The gas heater filled with butane is ideal for internal use and external: Be careful however not to expose it to very high temperatures.

Type of environment

Not all gas stoves are suitable for installation in any type of environment.

For example, a portable gas heater perfect for a small office, it is not suitable for meeting the thermal needs of a large living room.

If you live in a studio, choose a stove small which does not take up much space. Keep in mind that the methane stoves they can also be hung on the wall (in addition to being of type portable).

And if you still prefer to buy a heat-efficient stove, make sure the temperature can be adjusted.

Anyway, if you live with small children or pets, choose catalytic stoves or blue flame to avoid any risk of accident.

Energy saving

Some models of stoves are known to consume a lot of energy and burn gas quickly.

If you are attentive to the issue of energy savings, it is important that the appliance you choose allows you to regulate the temperature and the power levelsso you can adapt it to your spaces.

Typically, catalytic and blue flame models save up to 30% of the gas a radiant appliance might consume, while being much safer.

A ventilated gas stove finally, it allows the heat to be diffused quickly in the room, thus optimizing consumption.


The gas heaters they are available in many sizes. From models 20 centimeters wide and only 4 centimeters deep to larger ones that measure more than 90 centimeters wide and more than 30 centimeters deep.

Consider where you will place the stove, how often you will use it and if you will need to move it.

If you decide to choose a model with generous dimensions to meet the climatic needs of large spaces, it is advisable to opt for a device equipped with wheels or handles to simplify movement.


When it comes to gas appliances, you want to be sure that you are not taking any risks: the carbon monoxide is always on the lookout.

The stoves for home heating are equipped with everything security devices necessary to ensure trouble-free use.

This naturally also applies to ventless methane stove.


The gas cooker generally requires very little maintenance.

You only need to clean the frame, including the burner element, from time to time to remove dust.


When buying a stove that runs on propane, it is important to consider the safety aspect before the price. Portable models are generally offered for less than 50 euros, the largest are around 80 – 100 euros.

Also consider running costs, based on the current price of propane and the amount of gas needed to run it.

Fixed or portable gas stove

The establishment of natural gas stoves with flue implies the need to connect the appliance to an external duct for the evacuation of the gases produced during combustion.

If you are a tenant or do not want to install a chimney, you can choose one portable gas stove. Such a model is very convenient, since you can move it from room to room and, if you move house, take it with you to your new home.

What are the advantages

The benefits of a wall gas stove or laptops are numerous. First of all, it is very efficient: it is estimated that around 90% of the energy content of the gas is transformed into heat. In addition, it instantly provides a significant amount of heat.

It has a maximum capacity of 25 MJ/h (megajoules per hour), which is equivalent to more than 6 kW of electric heating, the same as that obtained with three 2 kW electric heaters. And it is then calculated that it produces a quarter to a third of the carbon of an equivalent electric heater.

Among the functions that should never be missing, we remember the gas cylinder regulator and the pilot flame regulator. Modern models have a number of safety features that turn off the heater in the event of a problem. For example, an oxygen depletion sensor may be present if the oxygen level in the room becomes too low. Flame failure protection in the event of the pilot going out and a switch that disables the equipment in the event of accidental tipping are also very useful.


The use of a gas stove allows you to solve the problems of air conditioning in your home and in your professional environment in a practical and fast way.

These devices guarantee greater energy savings and less environmental pollution.

They are available with different technical characteristics, functions and dimensions, but they all have a common mission: to provide the best environmental comfort in every space.

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