How to turn a bed into a sofa?

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A member of your family or a close friend will be visiting you soon, but you don’t have a special room? Don’t panic!

Before your guest arrives, you can solve the problem of limited space by converting a spare bed into a comfortable sofa.

This change could also help you if you’re planning on saving a few bucks on extra living room furniture, so this DIY project is well worth it.

We therefore invite you to take a few minutes of your time to read this guide on how to turn a bed into a sofa: we assure you that the procedure is easier than you can imagine!

How to turn a bed into a sofa in three easy steps

Sofas are key elements in our home, as they provide a comfortable and stable space in which we can spend free time or share time with family and friends. However, it is not always possible to buy this type of furniture due to their high price. In these situations, the best we can do is to use our wits and bring out the artist in us to plan a “do it yourself” project.

If you want to try making a sofa with your own hands, all you need is a single bed that you no longer use, a few pillows and a blanket or two. Do you have everything you need? So let’s start the transformation!

Step 1: Find the property in the right place

As you might expect, the first thing to do is to place the bed in the most suitable place. It is usually placed in the living room, but can also be useful in another room. Wherever you are interested in, the important thing is to push the bed as far as possible against the wall. Remember that in the absence of a suitable back, the wall will serve as a support.

Step 2: Use lots of pillows!

Pillows are essential to transform a single bed into a comfortable and cozy sofa for guests. If you want to save some money, you can line up a few old pillows and use them as support to keep the mattress from sinking. Likewise, you can use cushions with a firm cushion as a backrest. If you want your new piece of furniture to look as much like a traditional sofa as possible, you can also buy cylindrical-shaped cushions to simulate the armrests.

USEFUL ADVICE: you can use all the cushions you want to give your sofa the look you prefer. Just make sure they all have the same color palette to keep them from straying too far from their surroundings. If you have the money on hand for the renovation, we recommend hiring an upholsterer to help you make the pillows you need.


Step 3: Add the final accessories

Your new piece of furniture is almost ready! At this point, you just need to add the finishing touches to give it a more sophisticated look. You can choose to decorate it with blankets of different fabrics to give it a warm touch or put smaller pillows in different color combinations – there is no limit to the imagination.

REMARK: If you want to know how to turn a single bed into a sofa with professional results, you can always ask a carpenter for help. It will help you cover the different elements of your new sofa and can create headrests, armrests and all kinds of supports you need. Always keep in mind that the advice of a real expert is very useful to transform or redecorate any piece of furniture in the house.

Turn a double bed into a sofa

By reading our guide on how to turn a single bed into a sofa, you will have realized that it is a simple task if you have the necessary tools. However, the situation changes with regard to double beds. If you’re lucky enough to have a double bed available (and enough space in the house), we recommend seeking expert help to make the best of it. Due to their size, it is not always easy to work on this type of furniture, but it is not impossible either if you are well informed.

In such cases, it is better to divide the furniture into two (or more) functional parts. One of them can be used as lounge chair to rest comfortably, while the other could be customized with the help of a carpenter to be used as a table or stand. Of course, you can always decorate the piece of furniture with elements of your choice. In particular, pillows, blankets and quilts.

If you succeed in your mission, you will not only get a comfortable piece of furniture from which you can watch TV, but also a spacious and soft sofa bed to accommodate your guests: we are sure they will love it!

Even beds can also become sofas!

Your baby no longer uses the bed and you are seriously thinking of throwing it away or giving it away? Stop there! Before getting rid of it, you might consider turning it into an armchair for your child’s bedroom or living room.

If this is your situation, we are happy to inform you that the process is a breeze. Typically, all you’ll have to do is remove one side of the bed, reinforce the bottom with sturdy wooden slats, and use stiff foam-filled pillows in the space where the mattress is. If needed, you can also add back cushions for an extra touch of comfort. Mission accomplished! You can now place your new sofa wherever you want.


Useful tips for decorating your new furniture

Now that you have learned how to turn a bed into a comfortable sofa for your family or guests, we would like to share with you some tips on how to perfectly match your new creation with the rest of your home decor.

  • Look for new ideas: If you’re not sure what style to give your new furniture, look online for inspiration. Apps like Pinterest are dedicated to promoting your creativity through a huge selection of images and videos.
  • Combine shapes and colors well: if your interior already has a defined style, cover the cushions with coordinated fabrics. For modern homes, we recommend opting for geometric shapes and strong colors, but if you prefer to give your home a warmer feel, you can opt for delicate patterns and warm tones.
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