Is it worth buying a vacuum mattress?

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When we decide to buy a mattress online, we sometimes find that it will be vacuum packed before shipping. This means receiving a mattress rolled up and pressed in a plastic bag at home, in order to take up less space and facilitate transport.

Many people wonder if this procedure could damage the internal structure, as well as compromise the functionality and effectiveness of the support. Then there are those who argue that only low-quality mattresses are vacuum-packed, while the best products are still shipped with traditional packaging. Let’s try to clarify this subject which often puts the consumer in difficulty.


1. Vacuum mattress: how is the packaging done?

2. What are the advantages of a vacuum mattress?

2.1 Greater ease of transport

2.2 Less risk of contamination

2.3 Economic savings

3. How to unpack an empty mattress

Vacuum mattresses: how is the packaging done?

First of all, it should be pointed out that the belief that a vacuum mattress is of poor quality has no confirmation and even less basis in reality. In fact, we can say that the exact opposite is happening. Let’s try to understand the reasons.

The process of vacuuming a mattress involves the use of special machines, without which it would not be possible to achieve a satisfactory result. The main reason why some companies ship their products in the normal way is that they do not have the aforementioned machines or the materials used cannot withstand the intense stresses.

Winding, pressing and air extraction operations must be carried out according to specific guidelines. The mattress to be vacuumed is introduced into a press which develops very high forces in order to reduce the overall dimensions as much as possible.

Subsequently, we proceed to insert it into the plastic case and eliminate all the air. Mattresses a can be subjected to this procedure pocket springsin natural latex or memory foam, but only if they are of the highest quality. Conversely, the materials would not resist mechanical stresses.

Another element of great importance concerns the ability of the mattress to return to its original shape once the envelope is opened. Depending on the construction characteristics and the type of materials, a different time will be required.

Usually within a few hours the mattress takes the right shape and size. If this is not the case, it is because it is a product that has remained under vacuum for too long or is made with poor materials that have yielded under strong pressure. Of course, this procedure is also often used for the memory foam pillows.

What are the benefits of a vacuum mattress?

We understand that only quality mattresses can be vacuum packed. But what are the advantages of this process that make it preferable to traditional packaging? There are many reasons, starting with the ease of transport, without forgetting the best hygienic conditions but also greater convenience.

Easier to transport

The most obvious advantage is the considerable ease of loading/unloading an empty mattress which reduces its size and is also lighter. In this regard, a model with a pizza after the procedure takes the form of a cylinder about 1 meter long, a measurement that rises to 1.7 meters for the double size.

The width rather varies between 40 and 45 centimeters. This means that three times as many mattresses can be accommodated in the same truck as traditionally packed mattresses.

In this way, greater environmental protection is achieved on the one hand and economic savings on the other. Indeed, transport is managed by using fewer human resources and making fewer trips.

Less risk of contamination

A vacuum mattress ensures better hygienic conditions than a model with normal packaging. From the moment the product is placed in a protected atmosphere in the company and until it is delivered to the customer, it is perfectly isolated from dirt, dust mites, bacteria, viruses and any other pathogenic agent or micro-organism. The layers of plastic film also protect the coating from damage and moisture. All this is the guarantee of receiving a mattress that, after unpacking it and waiting for a few hours, can be used safely.

Economic economy

As I have already said, the vacuum process makes it possible to considerably reduce the size of the packaging and therefore the transport costs. This will allow the manufacturer to save money and offer the same mattress at a lower price.

How to unpack an empty mattress

When we receive the mattress, I suggest that you unpack it directly in the room where it will be used. You can already place it still rolled up on the slats of the bed and remove the plastic cover, being careful not to damage or cut the padding.

Once free, the mattress immediately begins to incorporate air into the inner layers and return to its original shape and size in record time. Usually, a high-quality product received in the morning can already be tried the same evening.

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