Kipli cervical pillow: test and opinion

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For 1 month I slept on Kipli’s 100% natural latex cervical pillow, a product characterized by a double wave shape specially designed to reduce neck and shoulder pain. Below is my using experience with pros and cons and final judgment.

Kipli Natural Latex Cervical Pillow Review

What I liked

  • The most certified for the quality of materials and the production process
  • Neither too stiff nor too soft
  • Organic latex sheet
  • Organic cotton lining
  • Very comfortable for the neck
  • It does not heat
  • It does not produce chemical odors
  • Versatile
  • Craft invoice
  • Truly eco-friendly product

What I did not like

  • Heavier than memory models

Kipli Natural Latex Cervical Pillow Review

Neck pain is a problem that affects many people and is often due to the use of a pillow that is not suitable for position chosen during rest.

In most cases, neck pain is related to poor posture during the day, a condition that could also lead to the occurrence of herniated discs in the cervical region. A pathology as painful as it is debilitating on a daily basis.

Kipli Natural Latex Cervical Pillow Review

Returning to the neck pillow from Kipli, to better adapt to the physiology of the neck, the designers of the Italian company have created a wavy structure with a height, in the highest area, of 12 centimeters. By doing this, a depression is created which can naturally accommodate the head, neck and shoulders.

Kipli Natural Latex Cervical Pillow Review

The result is correct alignment of the cervical vertebrae both when lying down and on the side, which results in better relaxation of the neck muscles.

The pillow is made with a block of 100% natural latex which is a valid alternative to memory foam pillows. Natural latex is a material capable of offering good elasticity and at the same time the advantage of the total absence of chemicals potentially harmful to health.

It is therefore an excellent solution for people allergic to VOCs, the dreaded volatile organic compounds. As for the removable cover, it is made of organic cotton and Tencel Lyocell, that is, a combination of ecological and natural fabrics that promote perspiration and thermoregulation of the body during rest.

Kipli Natural Latex Cervical Pillow Review

A bed pillow that I also offer for people with skin allergies, given the use of natural materials with hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties.

Kipli Natural Latex Cervical Pillow Review

The product has received the Eurolatex certification which guarantees the absence of synthetic foams and the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification which guarantees the absence of synthetic chemicals even in upholstery fabrics.

Kipli Natural Latex Cervical Pillow Review

Kipli Natural Latex Cervical Pillow Review

I’ve been using the Kipli neck pillow for about 1 month and have to say that in my opinion it fits most resting needs quite well. Having 2 cervical hernias that have tormented me for years, with neuralgic pains that often go down to my shoulders and fingers, I must say that the product met my expectations.

Obviously, don’t think of buying it to solve neck pain, this bed pillow helps you to adopt a correct neck position and allows you not to breathe in toxic substances even during your sleep.

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This article was produced under the direction of Dr. Pierpaolo Camellispecialized in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Osteopathy.

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