Memory foam mattress too hot, how to cool it?

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What if your memory foam mattress makes you sweat in the summer? What are the remedies to have a greater feeling of freshness? Read my article to learn more.


1. Memory foam

2. Why does memory foam increase the feeling of warmth?

3. Create space for air to circulate freely

4. Use a memory foam mattress topper

5. Improve air circulation by adding a mattress topper

memory foam

Memory foam is made with special thermoelastic polyurethane foams, which include the ability to change shape if subjected to heat and weight. It is why I memory foam mattress they have achieved such great success.

Memory foam uses body temperature to mold itself to the profile of the person, providing better ergonomics in relation to the shape of the body as well as support naturally with differentiated lift.

In some cases, this quality can also represent a limit. In fact, a certain percentage of users complain about how the memory foam mattress retains heat, causing increased sweating, especially during the hottest times of the year.

This polyurethane foam actually retains more heat than a natural latex mattress it is a fact. However, it must be emphasized that continuous technological developments related to materials and construction processes have led to the creation of memory foam models with a high level of breathability. A particular internal treatment and the addition of materials such as gel and latex have contributed to limiting the problem of excessive heat accumulation.

Net of all these considerations, let’s see some simple tips for making a cooler memory foam mattress.

Why does memory foam increase the feeling of warmth?

The introduction of the use of polyurethane foam in the construction of mattresses has brought about a profound change in the way we sleep. Memory foam offers considerable comfort and a high level of accommodation, especially for people who have great difficulty finding a comfortable sleeping position. People with back pain and muscle aches caused by poor posture will also get some relief.

The foam layer adapts to the profile of the body according to the heat and pressure exerted, distributing the weight over the entire surface of the mattress. The downside to this welcoming embrace is an increase in sinking. This causes, especially in people of considerable weight, increased sweating and greater discomfort at night.

The molecular structure of foam, by its very nature, tends to trap heat inside. Despite the porosity of the material, the lack of adequate air circulation does not allow the color to dissipate outward quickly. Precisely for this reason, manufacturers are constantly looking for new solutions to obtain memory foam products capable of combining the adaptability properties of viscoelastic foam with adequate breathability.

Create space for air to circulate freely

The internal air circulation of the foam layers is certainly not an aspect on which it is possible to intervene. What can be done is to limit yourself to checking that the surface of the mattress support offers the necessary space to allow efficient heat dissipation. The more hot air bubbles are trapped inside, the more uncomfortable and hot you will feel when resting.

One mistake not to make is to place a wooden board under the mattress. This is a solution that many people adopt to increase the rigidity of the support. This ploy prevents air circulation and promotes the internal accumulation of heat. In addition to increased perspiration, this does not even improve the hardness of the support because the high summer temperature keeps the memory foam softer and prevents the mattress from completely returning to its original shape.

The best advice is to replace the box spring with a slatted model, making sure to leave a large distance between the slats in order to create space for good air circulation and consequent heat dissipation.

Use a mattress cover suitable for memory foam

Even for a shape memory model it is essential to use a quality mattress cover. The important thing is to choose fabrics made with very breathable natural materials, so as to help lower the temperature.

There are specially designed covers for memory foam mattresses, which are able to provide considerable air circulation and at the same time remove moisture from the skin and distribute it evenly over the surface of the cover. This relieves the unpleasant feeling caused by excessive sweating.

Improve air circulation by adding a mattress topper

The use of a mattress topper to apply on the mattress can represent a valid solution to increase freshness. Also in this case the difference is made by the material with which the product is made.

The most effective choice is a gel foam model, but we can also opt for natural cotton or feather filling. In addition to being able to improve the comfort of the support, the additional layer promotes air circulation and prevents the accumulation of color in the internal layers.

If you can’t resist the warm feeling some memory foam mattresses produce, my advice is to switch to another. Spring mattress or as an alternative to a model in natural latex.

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