Mini fridge: The best of 2022

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The best mini fridge is a great companion for me small apartmentsvacation homes, camping, L’Office… It is ideal for cooling off beverages, snacks, takeout and leftoversand can also keep perishable foods for several days.

These devices are designed for a different use than standard models, which have much larger dimensions, capacity and cooling power.

Portable refrigerators generally do not have fruit and vegetable drawer, agricultural products must therefore be consumed within a few days. When the freezer compartment is present, it is not suitable for storing meat for a long time.

What is the best mini fridge?

As we have seen, a mini fridge can prove invaluable in many situations. The main thing, however, is to choose it according to the specific needs of use.

We offer you six models that differ in features and performance and can also be purchased through the web.

Below we present to you best mini fridges:

1. Klarstein MKS-11 Mini Fridge

Best for: compact size

It has a capacity of 25 liters to keep drinks and food cool with a small footprint: it measures 38 x 47 x 44.5 centimeters and weighs 11.5 kilograms. It is equipped with a shelf in the refrigerator compartment and two shelves on the door.

The climatic class N or “temperate zone” makes it ideal for an average ambient temperature between 16° and 32°C. Crafted with a matte black frame, it blends seamlessly into any decor style.

2. Mobicool FR40 AC/DC Electric Mini Fridge

Don’t want to wait a lifetime for your mini fridge to reach your desired temperature? You are not completely wrong. The secret is to have high-performance equipment, like this 38-litre model.

Thanks to its digital display, it is possible to always have an eye on the adjustment of the degrees. Very compact, it has a sturdy handle that makes it easy to move. Comes with plugs for home or car power.

3. Novhome Small Desktop Fridge

How nice it would be to have a refrigerated space in the office just in case… A cold drink for your guests, fruit for a healthy snack… Here your dreams come true.

The device has a capacity of 20 liters and, in addition to refrigeration, also has the heating function. It is particularly quiet – so it won’t disturb you while you’re at work. Elegant and cared for in every detail, it gives a touch of class to any professional environment.

4. Mini cold room fridge

If in the middle of the afternoon you are assailed by cravings and you never know how to decide between a fresh or crunchy snack, nothing better than choosing a mini fridge that can offer you a temperature range from zero to + 60°C.

It has a capacity of four liters and comes with cables for home power, in the car and for USB charging: this way you can always take it with you.

5. SucceBuy Mini Camping Fridge

Dedicated to those looking for a versatile device, it is a mini fridge for car, camping, camper. It can be used in any external and internal environment. The digital display lets you keep every function under control.

It can hold up to 55 liters and cools quickly down to -20°C with minimal energy expenditure. It comes with a removable basket that allows you to easily separate the freezer space from the refrigerator space.

6. Ardes AR5I67 mini fridge

Best for: large capacity

It is in energy class A+ to optimize consumption and offers a considerable capacity of 71 litres. Food and drinks can also be stored rationally according to specific refrigeration needs: this model is in fact equipped with two shelves and as many compartments in the door.

Also includes an ice compartment. It has a size of 44.5 x 51 x 63 centimeters and weighs 17 kilograms. The door is reversible and the dividers are easily removable.

7. Sirge FRIGO46L mini fridge

Best for: low consumption

It is a mini fridge of 46 liters including 5 dedicated to the cooler. Very attentive to consumption and the environment, it is in energy class A+ and uses the ecological refrigerant R600a.

It is designed with a temperature adjustment knob and has an acoustic output of 42 dB. Its weight is 16 kilograms and its dimensions are 44.4 x 48.5 x 49.5 centimeters.

8. Melchioni Baretto Mini Fridge

Best for: quiet operation

Very silent, it has an acoustic emission of 34 dB and does not emit any type of vibration. Its net capacity is 46 liters and inside there is a metal shelf with adjustable height, as well as two balconies.

The 5-15°C adjustable thermostat completes its technical characteristics. It is in energy class A, offers a power of 70 W and has an annual energy consumption of 86 kWh.

9. Klarstein Manhattan Mini Fridge

Ideal for: competitive price

With its total capacity of 35 litres, it is particularly suitable for use as a minibar or wine fridge.

It is equipped with an internal compartment that can be positioned at two different heights. It allows temperature adjustment from 5° to -12°C and is suitable for operation with an ambient temperature of 16/32°C. It measures 45 x 37 x 52.5 centimeters and weighs 11 kilograms.

When is a mini fridge useful?

A device of this type is essential if, for various reasons (for example lack of space or sporadic use) it is not possible to use the classic models.

It is popular not only for resorts and hotels, but also a basic feature for travelers in camperis a camping enthusiast or for those who, in the office or in other rooms of the house, want to keep drinks, perishable food cool or even store medicines.

What characteristics should it have?


To be really useful, in addition to having compact dimensions, it must also have a capacity suitable for specific storage needs.

It is also essential to understand what it will be used for, for example if you need a simple camping model or at home. In the first case the device must be light and handy, in the second it may be necessary to find it built-in.

And, once again, we must ask ourselves if it is necessary to be present inside a mini freezer.

Other evaluations are related to the design and the silence, the possibility of choosing the opening side of the door and the number of shelves available.

What is its ideal capacity?

Even if the dimensions of a mini fridge are compact, it is not certain that models with different capacities cannot be chosen. The average is typically 15 liters and there are obviously larger or smaller models.

Space affects what and how much we can insert, depending on floors and rooms.

The presence of a freezer compartment takes away space from the rest of the appliance: this aspect must therefore be taken into account when purchasing.

What can we keep?

Generally it is estimated that its ability to generate cold presents a gradient in relation to the outside ambient temperature of approximately 20°C.

Highly perishable foods must therefore be kept for a very short time, otherwise there will be a deterioration in quality and an organoleptic alteration beyond the safety threshold.

It is therefore certainly good for storing drinks, not very delicate packaged foods that withstand a temperature between 8 and 10°C and medicines that must be kept in cool places.

How is cold produced?

Before choosing, it is good to understand the difference between conventional gas-fired refrigeration systems and so-called “thermoelectric” refrigeration systems that use Peltier cells.

The former are generally more powerful but at the same time have to sacrifice part of their space for the refrigeration engine and its compressor. The latter, on the other hand, can exploit all the available space but, compared to the former, they are a little less powerful.

Based on this, you can choose the device that best suits your specific needs.

What are the characteristics to consider?

First we put the power, expressed in Watts, which gives an idea of ​​the refrigeration potential of the refrigerator in terms of cooling.

The cooling level is calculated in degrees centigrade relative to the ambient temperature. Usually a good device can drop the temperature inside it by about 20° compared to the surrounding temperature.

The internal capacity is expressed in liters and, to ensure a good level of use, it must be at least 10 liters.

Some models offer the adjustable temperature/power function, to be taken into consideration if you want to preserve food with different organoleptic characteristics.

Sound level is expressed in decibels. The higher it is, the more the device can annoy with the classic hum of refrigerators.

Almost all mini fridges have feet which increase stability. However, they are not always height adjustable.

If the mini fridge is intended to be inserted into a piece of furniture, it is good to take a look at the description because not all models fit easily.

Models with reversible door are equipped with special hinges that can be mounted on the right or left. In this way it will be possible to decide the opening direction of the door.

Although not essential, an interior light that automatically turns on when the refrigerator is opened can be useful if the room is dimly lit or when you are in the dark.

Finally, it is good to always check that they have the energy efficiency label: in addition to saving on the electricity bill, you will help protect the environment.

How to defrost it?

In addition to the usual internal cleaning, it is important to defrost every two months: just remove all the contents, bring the temperature down to zero and disconnect the plug from the socket.

This small but very important trick will make it last much longer and keep it in optimal condition, without having to change it beforehand.

Also remember never to overfill the mini fridge or the door seals could swell and break.

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