Natural or synthetic latex mattress?

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What is the difference between a natural latex mattress and a synthetic latex mattress? Which one to choose for better rest? Complete guide to choosing this type of mattress.

best synthetic latex mattress

Differences between natural latex and synthetic latex

Latex is a substance of vegetable origin obtained from the rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis of the Euphorbiaceae family. A plant native to the Brazilian equatorial forests, it is cultivated in Asia and Africa.

With the advent of the industrial era, what was a restricted and primitive use, extended to a massive production and applied to the most varied aspects of daily life.

Medical aids, tires, food rubbers and finally mattresses see the massive use of rubber and natural latex. For this massive exploitation, the industry began to produce synthetic molecules which gave rise to synthetic latex.

The natural latex it is more elastic than latex foam but it is also less stable, it risks deteriorating faster than industrial foam. The degradation of natural molecules is in fact linked to the harvest period and the area of ​​origin of the rubber. In addition, the synthetic latex, devoid of the specific proteins of vegetable rubber, offers greater resistance to oxidation and color variations due to light and offers greater guarantee against allergies specific to natural latex.

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Natural latex mattresses can be defined if in the composition of the product there is at least 85% of substance of vegetable origin. The remaining percentage is made up of synthetic substance which is used to give strength to the product and additional components which are used to cover and consolidate the mattress.

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The natural latex has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties far superior to many other materials used in mattress construction, such as i memory foam mattress.

Its microcellular structure allows great oxygenation and prevents the proliferation of dust mites and molds which, in order to reproduce, need humidity, heat and poor oxygenation. There is specific legislation on the hypoallergenic nature of rest aids.

The Istituto Superiore della Sanità has declared that “the ideal mattress and pillow are made of rubber latex” because they constitute a hostile environment for dust mites, responsible for the most common and rapidly increasing allergies (Ann.Ist.Super.Sanità , vol.31, n.3 (1995), p.343 350).

The best natural latex mattresses

List of latex mattresses

  1. All-latex or 100% latex mattress: this statement should only apply to products whose core is entirely made of latex or which have a thickness of at least 10 cm of natural latex. If the core of the product contains at least 85% raw material of natural origin, the additional mention “of natural origin” can be found. But only in this specific case.
  2. Latex mattress: this terminology is used in sleep products, whose multilayer core meets two fundamental requirements: minimum height of the latex thickness 10 cm or height of the raw material which represents at least 60% of the total. In accordance with the law, the terminologies “latex mattress”, composition and reversibility, must be indicated on the mattress with permanent characters of the same size. The same terminology cannot be reserved for mattresses whose minimum thickness of ten cm does not cover the entire surface of the product.
  3. Mattresses containing latex: the terminologies mentioned above cannot be applied in articles containing percentages of latex lower than 60% or with a height lower than 10 cm. In this case, the mention must refer to the components present in greater quantity in the core of the product (example: polyurethane, springs, wool, etc.) and indicate that it is a composite mattress. If you want to specify, the manufacturer can indicate where the latex is present and where it is in the anatomy of the mattress.
  4. Mattress “latex agglomeration or latex and polyether flakes”: refers to products whose core is made of reconstituted flake foam. They can be 100% latex flakes or mixed flakes, 50% latex and 50% polyester.
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The best natural latex mattresses

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