Positano Calypso mattress: test and opinion

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For about 3 weeks I slept on the Positano Calypso mattress made by the Materassiedoghe company, an interesting product that, at an economical cost, is comfortable for the body and with good support for the lumbar spine. Below is my experience of using it, a series of considerations, and whether it’s worth buying or not.

positano plus mattress test and review

What I liked

  • Double memory technology + springs
  • Good back support
  • Cool with open cell memory
  • Breathable side band for air exchange
  • Entirely made in Italy
  • Class 1 medical device tax deductible

What I did not like

  • The cover is not removable

I recommend it to people who:

  • they sleep in all positions
  • suffer from joint pain and blood circulation problems
  • I am overweight


1. My experience with the Positano Plus mattress

2. Final considerations

My experience with the Positano Plus mattress

Positano Calypso is a mattress composed of independent springs in phosphated carbon steel and a layer of breathable memory foam. The high number of independent springs, individually wrapped inside non-woven fabrics, allows the body weight to be evenly distributed over the surface of the mattress.

As for the 7 cm memory foam sheet with a density of 50 kg/m³, it has an open cell structure that adapts to the shape of the body thanks to the heat released, so as to take the the most appropriate form and in the most natural way. possible.

positano mattress test and review

It should be noted that Positano Calypso is a very breathable model, since the internal air circulation takes place efficiently between the 14 cm high springs and is further favored by the outer lining in “Zagreb” technical fabric, as well than by the 3D perimeter band. .

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positano mattress test and review

Also noteworthy is the padding in hypoallergenic polyurethane fiber with a thickness of about 1 cm which increases the perceived well-being after rest, while the 4 handles, arranged 2 on each side, facilitate movement and maintenance.

positano mattress test and review

With a total height of 27 cm and characterized by medium-high rigidity, Positano Plus is produced in Italy and guaranteed for 20 years. It can be chosen in different sizes and is a good choice in case of blood circulation problems and muscle contractures.

Final remarks

After about 3 weeks of tests carried out personally on the Positano Calypso mattress, the features that stand out most clearly are good back support thanks to the high rigidity of the mattress, the reduction of pressure points on the pelvis and shoulders obtained thanks to the memory foam sheet surface.

Another very interesting feature is the perimeter band that allows better ventilation of the internal structure of the mattress. Suffering from no less than 4 hernias located all along the spine, the mattress has certainly passed the test of my back, which does not allow poor quality products.

I must say I was rather intrigued by the impossibility of removing it, today most of these resting aids are removable, with machine washable covers. In this case, to refresh it you will have to buy a mattress tower or alternatively a wash upholstery.

Would I eventually buy it? Considering the economical price of the mattress, which does not exceed 200 euros for the single model and 400 euros for the double, the quality of the materials and the finish of the product, the quality/price ratio is certainly favorable.

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I recommend the Positano Calypso mattress for people weighing 50-120 kg who prefer a product that is well breathable and responsive to the stress of weight rolling on the bed.

I remind you that on the manufacturer’s website you can use the code DRIVERS to get a discount on the product.

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