Ranking and offers of the 9 best trash cans 2022

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We don’t always realize how important it is to have the best kitchen trash can available.

If you try to ask around what is used most intensively in the kitchen, many will answer “the cooker”, or “the refrigerator”. No. Although it may sound strange, the correct answer is: the trash can.

With so many options to choose from (from plastic containers costing a few euros to a designer version worth over 100 euros), it seems difficult to assess which model best suits your needs.

But with the right reviews, you’ll find it really easy to turn a simple everyday object into a valuable tool for optimizing waste management, making recycling a fun game.

What is the best kitchen trash can?

In our guide, you will find nine models carefully chosen according to the specific needs of selective waste collection. We have offered solutions that lend themselves to satisfying all practical needs.

And if you want to transform the usual act of waste disposal into a fun practice, here are the proposals from designers, furniture brands, decorating experts, with aesthetic, multicolored and naturally functional, practical and energy-saving objects. square.

Below, we present the best kitchen trash cans:

1. Songmics LTB54L Kitchen Trash Can

Ideal for: silent mechanism

The opening/closing of the lids is done silently and without having to use your hands. The bin is in fact designed with an original system of colored pedals which make it possible to identify the different types of waste intended for selective collection.

Its frame is made of sturdy, corrosion-resistant and durable stainless steel, while the base is made of plastic to prevent slipping and protect the floor.

It is equipped with three internal baskets, each of which has a capacity of 18 litres.

2. Terry Ecocab Kitchen Bin

Ideal for: closed frame bottom

It is a specific gray polypropylene container for the selective collection of waste. It is ideal for 110 liter bags, which remain firmly attached and, once full, can be easily removed.

The lids open separately and stand on their own, making it easy to insert the bin. The bottom of the structure is closed, to avoid any contact with the ground.

It is easily assembled in about twenty minutes. It has a size of 102 x 39 x 88.7 centimeters and weighs 12 kilograms.

3. Zyon bin for separate collection

Best for: tightly closed lids

It has three separate buckets of twelve liters each, to divide the waste efficiently and hygienically. The plastic lids, tightly closed and equipped with a pedal opening mechanism, prevent the escape of bad smells.

Crafted from solid stainless steel with sleek satin finishes, it lends a touch of functionality to any modern home. Its dimensions are equal to 55 x 31 x 44 centimeters.

4. Kis kitchen bin

Best for: design

It combines functionality with a highly sought-after aesthetic. The three buckets, which can be used separately, can be combined to form a refined flower.

Their lids are of different colors, to simplify the separate collection as much as possible. The push-to-open feature is very convenient.

Each module measures 39.5 x 39.5 x 54.5 centimeters and is designed to accommodate a 30-litre bag.

5. Dea Home Trash Can

Ideal for: large capacity

This is a set of three bins for recycling, made in green (glass), white (paper) and yellow (plastic). Each container has a capacity of fifty liters and measures 39 x 36 x 54 centimeters.

The lid can be completely opened, thus leaving a great facility to introduce even voluminous waste. The structure is very robust and resistant to low temperatures, which makes it possible to leave it outside even in the coldest months.

6. RP removable trash can

Ideal for: sliding rails

This separate bin slides on two metal runners, to be placed in the cabinet under the sink.

Ideal for small spaces (it measures 36 x 38 x 23 centimeters) it is made up of two buckets of 7.5 liters each. The lid lifts automatically thanks to a patented system.

For installation, you only need to fix four screws for the bottom rails. A template is also provided for the correct positioning of the holes.

7. Rotho tilting basket

Ideal for: Confined spaces

Its upwardly developed shape (the structure measures 33.3 x 25.2 x 47.6 cm) makes it easy to position this polypropylene basket even in confined spaces.

It has a capacity of 25 liters and is equipped with a lid with a choice of opening system: tilting or traditional. The collection space is optimized, with hidden bag holder.

It is a product made in Switzerland and guaranteed for twenty years.

8. Curver Pedal Trash Can

Best for: big pedal

It is a fifty liter bin (dimensions: 73 x 39.8 x 29.4 cm), made of robust impact resistant polypropylene, in a metallic gray colour.

Its large pedal makes opening as easy as possible. Easy to clean, it has an anti-odor lid and a silencer.

Thanks to its particular locking system, it is possible to close the bag without getting dirty when it is completely full and needs to be replaced.

9. Mongardi M.B Tris

Ideal for: roller compartments

It is a “trio” of bag holders for the selective collection of waste, designed with large spaces dedicated to the rollers. It can accommodate bags with a capacity between 80 and 110 liters and has a size of 37.5 x 46 x 79 centimeters.

The structure is in metal and polypropylene. Assembly is simple and quick and offers great modularity: you can choose the corresponding number of containers.

green spirit

Trash cans, intended to be containers for selective collection, began to make a name for themselves alongside the generalization of waste recycling.

Because, as we well know, in our inhabited centers this practice has become an obligation rather than a common practice for several decades, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact.

Kitchen trash can

And so, also in order not to incur very high penalties, we started diligently sorting waste according to material and type: plastic, glass, paper, wet, dry…

It is true that in these cases the art of coping comes to the rescue, perhaps with the help of bags, bags, baskets and containers placed on a makeshift perch. But it is also true that in this way, in addition to having solutions of questionable aesthetic taste, you risk losing a lot of space. And you know, space is never enough at home.

In this scenario, sets of containers for separate waste collection began to spread.

Selection criteria

Among the characteristics to be taken into consideration to optimize the sorting of waste, there is first of all the number of containers, to be evaluated according to the requests for differentiation of the municipalities.

The dimensions are just as important. In this case, the measurements must be taken with the utmost care, to avoid buying an aesthetic bin that… does not fit!


Another aspect is represented by the material. They range from cheaper plastic solutions to those made of stainless steel, which are stronger but generally more expensive.

Depending on the location of the bins, it is worth considering whether it is better to choose an open or closed model, pedal or fixed, outdoor or indoor, with or without wheels.

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