Rome mattress: test and opinion

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The Roma mattress, produced by the Materassiedoghe company, is a medium / high rigidity memory foam product, which is why it is also recommended for people over 100 kg. Below is my 4-week user experience, during which I was able to derive a series of considerations about the mattress.

What I liked

  • Good back and joint support
  • Cool with open cell memory
  • Breathable side band for air exchange
  • Moth and mildew resistant coating
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Entirely made in Italy
  • Certification Certipur
  • Class 1 medical device tax deductible

What I did not like

  • The cover is not removable

I recommend it to people who:

  • they sleep in all positions
  • suffer from back pain and joint pain
  • I am overweight


1. My experience with the Roma mattress

2. Final Conclusions

My experience with the Roma mattress

This product, like most mattresses on the market, come home vacuum packed and rolled up, for this reason, I recommend that you open it as soon as possible to prevent it from being damaged. Mattresses can usually stay in this state for about 6 months.

Internal plates

L’total height of 25cm it is obtained by joining two layers and adding a lining with breathable padding.

The base consists of a polyurethane foam sheet with a thickness of 18.5 cm, having the task of ensuring good rigidity and stability. The sleeping side consists of a layer of open cell memory foam with a thickness of 6.5 cm, whose function is to adapt adequately to the physiological curves of our body.

This is achieved through the ability of memory foam to deform according to weight and body temperatureTo give you an example, imagine that you are sitting on a flat chair and then on a chair that conforms exactly to the shape of your back.

Which do you think will be the most comfortable? On the flat chair there will be areas that have to bear most of your weight, while on the chair with your forms the weight will be distributed in a much more balanced way, reducing any pain considerably.

In addition to the memory foam, the plate positioned on the surface is structured in 9 zones with differentiated liftThis allows the spine to maintain correct alignment in each resting position, while the muscles relax, thus avoiding the appearance of contractures in the lumbar and cervical region.

Another interesting feature of this sheet is the type of memory foam used, where once memory was considered an unsuitable support for people who suffer from heat, today thanks to the open cell structure like this , sweating ability has increased significantlyreducing the sensation of heat.

Also for this mattress I did the glass of water test, by placing a full glass on the square on the right I tried to turn around on the square on the left. As usual, the memory foam is a guarantee, the glass stayed in place.

What does it mean? Use a memory foam mattress the movements do not pass from one box to anotherpreventing you from waking up when your partner turns over during the night.


In the Roma mattress, the cover is enriched with viscoelastic foam padding to further increase comfortwhile the outer lining is made of highly breathable and hypoallergenic technical fabric.

This mattress has a particular rhombus along the perimeter line to better dissipate heat during rest, so as to keep the body cool and dry even in the hottest periods.

Finally, the 2 handles on each side are useful for moving the mattress or lifting it during cleaning. Not having a removable lid, I recommend using a hitting mattresses to disinfect it. While if you have problems with children peeing on the bed, you can equip yourself with a portable cleaner.

Final Conclusions

In my opinion, the main feature of the Roma mattress is its excellent value for money. In light of the construction features and the materials used, in my opinion this is a rather versatile model that is well suited to those who rest both on their side and in a lying position.

A choice that I also recommend for people over 100 kilos or in the presence of circulatory problems and respiratory allergies caused by dust mites.

During my experience of use which lasted 4 weeks, I did not notice any chemical odors coming from the memory and the polyurethane sheets. The padding is cool to the touch and nicely finished, the aloe vera scent is very relaxing. Only fault found, I would have liked more resistant handles, for me when I turn the mattress I use brute force the handles die hard.

I remind you that on the manufacturer’s website you can use the code DRIVERS to get a discount on the product.

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