Shower screen: Top 6 in 2022

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A good shower wakes you up in the morning and relaxes you at the end of a hard day. It requires much less bath water and is faster.

However, if you have already installed a bathtub and you don’t have the extra space for the shower tray, you can solve the problem with the best shower wall. All in the name of design.

And if you completely close the bathtub, you can create really elegant shower enclosures.

What is the best shower screen?

Today, you can outfit a tub by also using it to shower standing up, adding just a showerhead, taking advantage of positioning near the tub or on a corner wall.

You can also decide to redo the system by replacing the bathtub with a shower top. In both cases, you will have the choice between tempered glass doors, walls and doors flush with the floor or as above the bath, with frame or without frame.

Here we present the best shower enclosures:

1. Giorgy Shop fixed walk-in shower screen

The best for descaling treatment


Ideal for lovers of design and minimal style, it is an 8 mm thick all-glass sheet. The internal face of the structure has been subjected to the special Easyclean nanotechnology anti-limestone treatment.

It is a physical process, not a chemical one, which is carried out directly in the factory to make the water flow quickly, without leaving any residue.

The 0.8 mm thick antibacterial chromed aluminum profile guarantees maximum resistance.

2. Fermart Crystal Bath Wall

Best for practice opening


This elegant clear tempered glass bath screen measures 120 x 140 cm. It has a thickness of 6 mm and is made with anodized aluminum profiles. The opening to the outside is simplified by the presence of a large handle.

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It offers the possibility of mounting both on the right and on the left. It consists of a fixed door of 40 x 140 cm, equipped with an arm fixed to the wall to support the first door and the seal under the second movable wall.

3. Dorini Niche Shower Wall Door

The best value for money

Wall mounted shower door...

It is a niche shower enclosure with two 6 mm tempered glass doors, one of which is sliding. The innovative combination of resin and crystal gives the cabin unique characteristics such as: reducibility, reversibility, water and chemical tolerance.

All variants are designed to make the product easy to clean and quick to install. The mobile doors are equipped with a system of silent bearings and a hybrid handle with a center distance of 230 mm.

4. Xinyang Corner Bath Shower Tub Wall

Best for 180° opening doors

Bath wall...

This model to be mounted above the bathtub adapts to all installation needs. It has a fixed side wall and a movable wall that creates a comfortable space when showering.

A 60cm support bar attached to the side wall makes the structure stable and solid; the seals under the PVC door prevent water leaks and the deposit of dirt. 6mm tempered glass with Easyclean treatment reduces limescale deposits.

5. Capaldo wall-mounted shower enclosure

The best for an attractive price

Wall Mounted Bath Box...

This proposal is the ideal solution for those who have a limited budget but do not want to give up design and quality. The structure of this wall to be positioned above the bathtub, gives a feeling of lightness to the whole bathroom.

It consists of three 3mm glass doors screen-printed with a horizontal stripe pattern. Its dimensions are 140 x 134 cm. It can be mounted on the right or left.

6. Schulte shower screen in the bathtub

Ideal for tight spaces

Schulte 70 x 130 cm ...

If you are looking for a solution to avoid small floods in your bathroom and want to transform your bathtub into a real shower area, this 70x 130 cm single door wall is made for you.

Its profile and its black screen-printed decoration create a special atmosphere and give a designer touch to the bathroom. With its 5 mm thickness, the glass of the bath is light and easy to install. The assembly is reversible.

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Why install a shower enclosure?

best shower wall

If you need to install a shower enclosure in a bathroom where there is no shower, you have two possible solutions:

  • disassemble the tank and redo the system
  • hold the tub without breaking anything, placing only a showerhead at the correct height.

In both cases, to avoid water splashing on the floor, it is necessary to delimit the circumference of the bathtub or the shower tray with walls.

The style you choose may be based primarily on your tastes. However, before committing, if you are unable to do this yourself, it is recommended that you speak with your installer to determine the best shower location.

How to choose the shower screen

Are you ready to buy? Take a look at these aspects first!


Authentic designer jewels, the shower screens in clear glass sport a sleek look that enlarges the space of the shower. those in frozen glass they provide a greater sense of privacy and help soften lines, making them appear softer.

The only problem with clear glass doors is that they force you to clean them every time you shower with rubber accessories because they form droplets unsightly.


The most important step in installing a shower wall or door – wall for tub or shower is the size.

Although these walls offer some mounting flexibility, it is important to start with the right measurements so that you can immediately select the right model. In both cases, you need to measure the top width, the length lower and thethe size.

You can then choose, according to your personal taste, to mount a frameless door possibly embellished with a metal frame to create an elegant and sophisticated look.

You can also opt for a door framed in an aluminum or plastic frame (the frame structures the glass and supports it), paying attention to the type of finish; or even a door retractable if you find a shower corner between two walls.

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Another thing to consider when buying is the design of the glass.

Today, the most widely used material for the construction of shower enclosures and shower walls is crystal temperate. It is safer than glass because if broken it forms blunt shards, which are not dangerous even if walked on.

The most used thicknesses are 3-4-6 and 8-10 mm. The criterion for choosing the thickness of the crystal is subjective. It depends on factors such as the presence or absence of the glass support frame and the type of opening (sliding or glass shower door).

For shower enclosures without a support frame, thicknesses of 6 to 8 mm are recommended, while those with a frame can also have lower thicknesses.

From a hygienic point of view, plastic panels tend to adhere dirt and limescale, making it difficult to clean the bathroom, while from an aesthetic point of view, bathroom doors acrylic they tend to yellow and sag over time.

Types of shower enclosures

The choice of wall depends not only on your preferences in terms of style, but also on space constraints.

The positioning of the knobs on one or two walls as well as the width and height of the shower enclosure are also key factors: you can find models of 70cm or 80cm whether used as an over-bath or by 140cm as a use for shower enclosures.

In this context, several structural options can be considered.

  • Sliding sliding

Two panels fit into a frame and slide back and forth to open and close.

A single wall hinged to the wall at a fixed point that opens to the left or to the right.

A narrow panel is fixed to the wall while next to it a panel is hinged to the other wall and functions as a door.

  • Butterfly or double pleat

Two panels of the same size are hinged in the center to open inward like a gusset or a book.

A single glass panel attached to the wall that isolates the shower and protects the bathroom from splashes; the other side of the shower or bathtub remains open.

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