Site Transparency Policy

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Double Matttresses is an independent site that provides information, reviews and comparisons on mattresses, pillows and bedding. All information is offered free of charge to readers of the site.

Site Transparency Policy

Our mission

Our mission is to help you sleep better at the right price by choosing the best mattresses and pillows according to your needs and your budget. Every day, our team updates our reviews, runs new tests, and monitors industry news. Our goal is that our advice is always accurate and useful.

The quality of your sleep is important to us, which is why each of our reviews is as detailed and comprehensive as possible. If you would like more information about a particular product, please write to us, we are always happy to help!

We believe in complete transparency on the Internet. This is why we inform you of all our partnerships and business relationships. The purpose of this page is that you are fully informed before making your purchases.

Why are some partnerships remunerated?

In order to offer you this service free of charge, we have entered into partnerships with certain brands of mattresses, pillows and bed linen. This guarantees the sustainability of the site, without compromising the independence of our editorial line. The content is published without restriction and without the prior agreement of the partners.

What changes for me?

Absolutely nothing, Materassi Matrimonali uses affiliate links to cover its expenses and continue to offer an independent service. These affiliate links represent no additional cost to you and the content of this site is and will always remain completely free.

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However, if you make a purchase from an affiliate link with mattresses, the company will be notified that you made the purchase after visiting our site and will earn a commission from the sale.

Our ethical principles

We feel privileged to have partnerships with many manufacturers (directly through the Amazon Affiliate Program) whose products we have tested. This financial independence allows us to maintain our impartiality and free consultation of the site for our readers.

For us, providing unbiased reviews to our readers is what matters most. We want you to be fully informed of the potential financial incentives before you make your choice.

Many brands send us their mattresses and bedding products for free for us to test and review. However, we do not guarantee these companies that we will write an article about these products, let alone that our review will be favorable.

The support of our readers

Double mattresses are supported by its readers. From word of mouth, social media and sharing your experiences with us, our website survives on your support. For all these reasons, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. In return, we are committed to developing this site and helping you sleep better every day.

If you have any questions or comments about the operation of this site, please feel free to email us. Our team is at your disposal to help you and answer your questions.

Products received free of charge

We received most of the mattresses and bedding products tested on our site for free. As mentioned above, many brands send us their products hoping that we like them and write a review about them. However, we do not offer any prior guarantee to these companies that we will write an article on their products, nor that our opinion will be favorable to them. We are only committed to testing their products.

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Our website participates in the Amazon EU Associates program, an affiliate program designed to allow sites to earn compensation for linking to These links work the same as all other affiliate links on this site. If you buy a product on Amazon after clicking on one of these links, our site will earn a commission on the total amount of the sale.

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