TechnoAirFresh Topper foam mat 7 cm: test and opinion

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To date it is the mattress topper that I have chosen to rest, among the characteristics that make it my favorite I can mention greater comfort for the joints and a truly remarkable breathability, thanks to the memory foam of open cell form. Below is my experience of using it.

Opinion on the TECHNOAIRFRESH mattress topper 7 cm high

What I liked

  • Very breathable
  • Very comfortable
  • It significantly reduces pressure points on the joints
  • Removable and machine washable
  • Centipur Certificate
  • Coating treated with Aloe Vera
  • It does not produce chemical odors
  • Fully Italian product

What I did not like

  • The seam of the blocking strips on the mattress is delicate

The TechnoAirFresh memory mattress topper by Materassiedoghe is made up of a 7 cm high plate, made with a special open-cell polyurethane foam capable of favoring air circulation and guaranteeing a feeling of freshness even during hottest months.

This last characteristic is fundamental for me, because I can’t stand the heat and in summer I live surrounded by air conditioning. For people who, like my spouse, are always cold, this support is neutral.

Opinion on the TECHNOAIRFRESH mattress topper 7 cm high

Opinion on the 7 cm high TechnoAirFresh mattress topper

The material, in addition to being highly breathable, is able to adapt very well to the shape of the body, considerably increasing the general comfort both when sleeping on the side and on the back. The hand test is a good indicator to understand the quality of the memory foam, the more marked and persistent the imprint, the more comfortable the mattress topper will be, in this case the product passed the test with flying colors.

Opinion on the 7 cm high TechnoAirFresh mattress topper

The padding is made of a technical fabric that can be unlined and washed to always maintain maximum hygiene. A product that is also suitable for people with respiratory allergies, given the anti-mite, antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties of the padding and lining.

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Opinion on the TECHNOAIRFRESH mattress topper 7 cm high

The mattress topper easily attaches to the mattress thanks to the strips of fabric placed on the 4 sides, one thing that didn’t drive me crazy was the sewing of the strips which in my opinion is a bit tricky.

The model liner I received is treated with aloe vera, a natural substance known for its soothing properties.

Opinion on the TECHNOAIRFRESH mattress topper 7 cm high


In my opinion, the Materassiedoghe TechnoAirFresh mattress topper is a valid solution to considerably increase the comfort and ergonomics of rigid mattresses, such as spring models or models made of high density natural latex. In addition to the excellent sweating capacity, what I like the most about this mattress topper is the feeling I have to the touch, the memory seems to mold under my hands, a feeling that is difficult to explain, but really very pleasant.

Although there is a big difference in weight between me and my partner (she weighs 50 kg and I almost 100), we both sleep very comfortably, a sign of a well-calibrated memory foam plate for scissors. rather heavy weight.

On the manufacturer’s website you can use the discount code DRIVERS to get a price reduction.

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