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It’s kinda hard to decide which one is the The best Rowenta iron Absolutely. This particular brand offers a wide variety of products, each with their own quirks and – unfortunately – flaws. This does not mean that buying one of their products will always on the safe side.

What is the best Rowenta iron?

the the iron it is an almost indispensable accessory for the maintenance of your clothes. However, the needs may be different, which leads to turning to one model rather than another.

To help you, we have tried several Rowenta ironsand we’ll show you what we think they are the best currently on the market.

Below we present to you the best Rowenta irons:

1. Rowenta Autosteam DW4010 Steam Iron

Economical model, especially buying it on Amazon, and with excellent value for money. Thanks to thermostat it is possible to adjust the temperature according to the fabric to be ironed. Very handy and not very heavy; the buttons are arranged in an excellent and ergonomic way.

[su_label type=”success”]Positive sides:[/su_label]

  • Very useful.
  • Good value for money.
  • The thermostat is extremely useful for those who are not used to using this type of iron.

[su_label type=”warning”]Negative sides:[/su_label]

  • The color of the tank makes it difficult to see the water level.
  • If it is not cleaned well, it expels small pieces of limestone.
  • The measuring cup for water is not included in the package.

2. Rowenta DW5112 Steam Iron

Very good in terms of the power of the steam jet. The DW5112 model transmits solidity and safety with regard to the materials from which it is made. Despite this, it always turns out extremely practical and easy to use. The price, in our opinion, is excellent.

[su_label type=”success”]Positive sides:[/su_label]

  • The jet of steam is quite powerful.
  • Very well built, solid and easy to handle.
  • Good price, especially if purchased with the Amazon discount.

[su_label type=”warning”]Negative sides:[/su_label]

  • The power cord is quite short.
  • From the reservoir it is difficult to see the water level accurately.
  • It is not possible to adjust the amount of steam to be released.

3. Rowenta DW8110 Steam Iron

The DW8110 iron is handy, comfortable and equipped with buttons in “strategic” position, easily accessible.

It is equipped with limescale protection, so you only have to clean it occasionally. the jet of steam it is flexible according to your needs.

[su_label type=”success”]Positive sides:[/su_label]

  • The handle is very comfortable and the buttons are easy to reach.
  • Excellent power of the steam jet, adjustable as needed.
  • Highly protected against limescale.

[su_label type=”warning”]Negative sides:[/su_label]

  • The plate is not particularly smooth.
  • Not particularly cheap if purchased without taking advantage of the Amazon discount.
  • The maximum temperature is exaggerated.

4. Rowenta DW6020

Excellent iron equipped with Eco function to save steam and electricity. The tip is very precise, ensuring excellent ironing. The self-cleaning function against limescale is very practical.

[su_label type=”success”]Positive sides:[/su_label]

  • The tip is very precise.
  • You can use it with normal tap water.
  • Equipped with a self-cleaning function against limescale.

[su_label type=”warning”]Negative sides:[/su_label]

  • Not particularly cheap if purchased without taking advantage of the Amazon discount.
  • The power cord is quite short.
  • The iron can be a bit heavy.

5. Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW6010 Steam Iron

Despite its not exactly small size, the DW6010 iron turns out to be quite light and easy to maneuver.

It is equipped with a double protection system against limescale, which avoids “encrustation” and slowing down of the steam jet.
It is worth mentioning the anti-shine soleplate, perfect for ironing dark clothes.

[su_label type=”success”]Positive sides:[/su_label]

  • Excellent quality of the anti-gloss plate.
  • Not particularly heavy, very manageable.
  • Equipped with a double anti-limescale system.

[su_label type=”warning”]Negative sides:[/su_label]

  • The tank is small in size and empties fairly quickly.
  • The cable is quite short.
  • The lever for the steam mode – Eco is a bit inconvenient.

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