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Who has a chimney or a stove pellet or wood or even a barbecueknows that to maintain them at maximum efficiency, it is important to keep them clean of the ashes produced during the combustion process.

To do this, it is very useful and practical to have the best ash vacuum cleaner.

What is the best ash vacuum?

In the reviews of this buying guide, the technical characteristics of the main models offered for sale online are highlighted.

These are devices carefully selected for their level of quality and price. It is indeed possible to find a good economical ash vacuum cleaner at low prices, as well as more sophisticated devices, which appeal to the most demanding users.

Below we present to you best ash vacuums:

1. Vigor Aspir-El 600 Ash Vacuum

Best for: value for money

It vacuums cold ashes only and is designed with a painted steel barrel. Its capacity is 15 liters and has a power of 600W.

It is equipped with a Hepa suction filter and a flexible steel tube with a length of 80 centimeters.

There is a hole in the lid where you can insert the tube when the device is not in use.

2. Ash vacuum cleaner Lavorwash Ashley Kombo

Best for: multifunctional device

It is a versatile product that offers four different functions in a single structure: ash vacuum cleaner, wet vacuum cleaner and blower function.

The innovative pneumatic filter shaking system is included as standard, which allows quick cleaning of the filter without having to intervene inside the drum. Practical and easy to handle, the device has a maximum power of 1200W and a capacity of 25 litres.

Among the many accessories supplied, we find the 1.5 meter steel hose, the flat lance and the brush for dusts and liquids.

3. Ash vacuum cleaner Kaercher AD3200

Ideal for: very compact

It accommodates the function of vacuum cleaner and ash vacuum cleaner, with blower predisposition, in a single 1200W machine.

It is designed with a 17 liter metal tank and comes with a beveled hand hose, floor nozzle and suction hose, cable hooks. It has a robust pleated filter and a metal filter for coarse dirt.

It is characterized by a compact size of 38 x 34 x 56 centimeters and weighs 6 kilograms. It moves easily thanks to its swivel wheels.

4. Ash vacuum cleaner Ribimex Cenerill PRCEN001

Ideal for: competitive price

With its power of 800W, it is suitable for vacuuming ashes from stoves, fireplaces and barbecues.

It is supplied with a Hepa filter protected by a metal grid and a 110 cm flexible metal hose, with a 20 cm metal lance. Its lacquered sheet metal container has a capacity of 18 litres.

In addition to being compact (3.1 x 4 x 3.1 centimeters), it is also very handy, thanks to its weight of only 3.7 kilograms and the presence of a practical carrying handle.

5. Ash vacuum cleaner ECD Olympic Tobias

Best for: Shielded Hepa Filter

It is equipped with a washable shielded Hepa filter, in the name of maximum practicality. It has a powerful 1200W motor and a 15 liter painted metal barrel.

The flexible tube is made of metal covered with a protective plastic sheath. The terminal, also made of metal, is temperature resistant.

The convenient carrying handle allows you to easily move it wherever you want.

What is the difference between a vacuum cleaner and an ash vacuum cleaner?

best ash vacuums

Traditional vacuum cleaners and ashtrays a trash bagless they are very similar devices, both in structure and operation.

True, the ash it can also be recovered cold with a conventional vacuum cleaner or with a canister vacuum cleaner. However, a device built specifically as an ash vacuum allows for more efficient performance.

The ashes that settle in the fireplace, stove or barbecue are not only a lot, but they are also heavier than normal dust. It is also quite thin and can cause irritation.

Indeed, it disperses easily in the air and can remain in suspension there like dust. If the latter is inhaled, it may cause discomfort.

And the same dust, if it gets inside the components of the vacuum cleaner, can risk over time damage it.

Therefore, for this particular type of suction, you cannot do without a special ash vacuum cleaner, although it may have a price a little higher than the standard vacuum cleaner.

What are the characteristics of the ash vacuum cleaner?

The review of each model offered on the market stresses the importance of suction power. Indeed, as the engine power increases, the time spent cleaning decreases. And, not least, the more precise the suction.

Another important fact to consider before choosing the right tool is also the suction capacitymeasured in terms of liters per hour, to achieve efficient performance without risking damage to the vacuum cleaner.

For this reason the filter system of an ash vacuum cleaner is not at all to be neglected, since it makes it possible to protect the motor and to collect the finest particles which could disperse in the air, preventing them from escaping from the drum once dust sucked up.

The two main systems are i dry filters yes water filters. Dry filters can be interchangeable when they lose their efficiency or be washable with water; in this case they can be fabric or sponge. In the best devices, the filtered it can be double: a basket structure that protects the engine from heavy dirt and a filter that retains ash dust.

A particularly effective filter is the one HEPA, made of highly compacted fiberglass, which retains more than 99% of fine dust and microorganisms. This type can be washed with water.

Some models have a function filter shakera lever or button mechanism that allows you to slam the ash filter and therefore keep it clean, preventing it from clogging, without constantly opening it.

There are also devices with a water filtration even more effective in reducing fine dust. In these models, among other things, there is also the possibility of sucking up water without the engine being damaged. This allows you to complete the job even in stubborn dirt conditions, which require more drastic intervention.

At first glance, water filters seem to be the most valid for breaking down fine dust and ideal for use in appliances that suck up hot ash. In reality, the advantage of dust removal efficiency becomes a disadvantage when it comes to cleaning the bin. It must always be perfectly clean to prevent the water from becoming smelly.

To use it, it must be filled with water each time and then emptied: for this reason, it has a greater operating weight than other types. In addition, the “wort” that forms with the wet ash is very difficult to remove and dispose of.

How does an ash vacuum work?

The principle of operation of this type of device is very similar to that of a normal vacuum cleaner. It is indeed equipped with a good engine electric and a more or less long tube with various accessories to transfer the aspirated ashes into the collection tray.

The capacity of this compartment, expressed in liters, is directly linked to the power of the engine and you can choose models that exceed 15 liters or even 25 liters.

Several devices have filters and a structure of the accessory parts resistant to thermal shocks, since they are able to also aspirate the hot ashes. These are usually models specifically used to remove excess embers from the barbecue or fireplace.

What types of ash vacuums are there?

Depending on their use and the type of suction they can perform, ash pans are divided into four distinct types.

There are models suitable only for collection of cold ashesthat is to say that they do not exceed a temperature of 40°C.

These are flanked by ash vacuum cleaners for fireplaces, for barbecues or stoves, which are cleaning tools hot ashes at a temperature above 40°C: they are suitable for those who need to clean quickly and easily.

Then there are the hybrid ash vacuums designed with both functionality and water based ash vacuum, in which the presence of specific filters for liquids better retains soot and fine dust. In theory, they are the ideal tools for sucking up hot ashes which, in contact with water, cool immediately.

The choice of the suction and filtration system should be given special attention, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each device.

The different models are made up of a cylindrical well made internally of fireproof material (in particular of the type for the recovery of hot ashes). The motor and its filtering systems are located in a head that fits and hooks into the upper part of the drum.

Some models may operate a Rechargeable battery, but if it’s not charged enough, they can run out before the job is done. It is therefore better to prefer models that work with a direct connection to electricity.

These are the most household appliances professional and efficient and therefore more expensive. In both cases, however, we are talking about highly controlled and safe devices.

What advice to choose an ash vacuum cleaner?

When buying, it is important to keep a number of factors in mind.

The collection capacity, already described above, must be taken into account depending on the amount of ash produced and which you want to vacuum without interruption. In addition, it should be remembered that the larger the capacity of the tank, the greater the dimensions, weight and bulk of the equipment.

A ergonomic handle and the presence of casters robust, allows you to easily move the device. Generally the head with the motor can be unhooked, facilitating the emptying of the tank. It is advisable to carry out this operation after each use, in order to always guarantee maximum efficiency.

The structure is completed by long soft tube and the nozzle usually sectioned like a duckbill to reach even corners effectively. The tube can vary in length from 80 centimeters to over a meter and must have a handle that facilitates its orientation.

It is advisable to orient yourself in the purchase of a device with long cable according to specific needs, without the need to use an extension cord.

A series of accessories can complete the equipment of the ash vacuum cleaner: nozzles of different configurations, equipped with any bristles like a brush, to be used for additional cleaning. If you opt for a model of brand known, it is usually easier to find accessories and spare parts, even later.

In terms of Power, an ash vacuum cleaner must have a motor of at least 1200W; below this threshold it is possible to find satisfactory devices which, however, offer less suction performance.

It is good to consider devices with CE marking, preferably accompanied by technical certificates like the German Tüv or the Imq.

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