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In modern homes, as a rule, durable materials are used that are low-maintenance and do not require special care. However, in certain rooms such as the bedroom or the living room, the use of warm, welcoming and comfortable wood is preferred.

Even the marble surfaces, essential in the homes of our grandmothers, are experiencing a moment of renewal. To take care of a beautiful floor, it is important to have the best polisher available.

What is the best floor polisher?

In this buying guide we have selected some of the most requested models in the online sales service.

These are all branded devices that are appreciated for their quality and efficiency and are offered here at the lowest price. If you are hesitant about your choice, after reading the product reviews, you can take a look at the opinions and advice posted by users: you will find valuable suggestions there.

Below we present to you best floor polishers:

1. Bissell SpinWave Electric Mop and Polish

Best for: Easily adjustable

It is an efficient and simple to use electric mop that reduces the effort of cleaning with specially designed cloths.

The gentle cleaning system lets you control the release of water and apply the right level of moisture to all hard surfaces. Use the soft cloths to gently clean hard floors and the scrub cloth for stubborn messes.

This versatile device includes a set of four pads, soft type for daily cleaning and rough type for removing stubborn dirt. The rotating bearings greatly reduce the effort of cleaning the floor, eliminating the need to intervene with manual scrubbing.
The trigger that regulates the supply of water and detergent solution, allows you to control the right level of humidity to clean the floors. You can easily fill the tank with a solution of water and multi-surface detergent. This solution can then be sprayed onto surfaces as needed.

  • For every surface
  • Supply of sheets
  • Versatile

2. Karcher Aspiro FP 303 Polisher

Best for: ergonomics

Its ergonomic handle promotes a safe and comfortable grip, which does not tire the arm.

Thanks to the flat polishing head, it is possible to polish anywhere, even under low furniture. There is a convenient foot switch to remove the handle.

The quality fabric pouch is designed with a compartment for storing accessories. The high rotational speed and the optimum weight guarantee optimum polishing results.

  • Silent
  • Comfortable
  • Practice

3. Polisher AEG AP 8000

Best for: Combined Action

It polishes and vacuums, allowing optimal results in a short time. It is designed with a chrome steel shell and has a power of 1000 W.

Its radius of action is 5.5 meters and is equipped with a 3 liter bag. Three sets of brushes are provided in the package.

  • Team
  • Handy
  • Efficient

4. Polisher Imetec SuperPlate Compact

Ideal for: complete equipment

This polisher shines all floors, even the most delicate. It is indeed equipped with 4 sets of brushes: in wool (specific parquet), in hard bristles to spread the wax, in soft bristles for polishing and in felt for polishing.

It reaches the most difficult points because the shell is only 11 centimeters high and guarantees a high degree of ergonomics thanks to the adjustable telescopic handle that adapts to the height of people.

Thanks to its compact size, it can be easily stored in a small space.

  • Telescopic
  • Compact
  • Ergonomic

5. Polisher Electrolux ZP 141

Best for: value for money

It is appreciated for its essential design, for the benefit of practicality. It polishes and vacuums allowing to obtain satisfactory results in a short time.

It is designed with a chrome steel cap and comes with three sets of brushes. Thanks to its attractive price-quality ratio, it is ideal for those looking for an efficient device that requires a reasonable investment.

6. Polisher F3870 700W vacuum cleaner

Best for: triple action head

It’s equipped with a triple-action cleaning head that lets you apply a protective wax coating to all types of hard floors, from marble to tile to wood. It is ideal for dusting easily and comfortably on all surfaces.

The front brush collects the dirt by directing it towards the suction part of the polisher.

Very useful is the soft rubber bumper that allows you not to damage the furniture. It has a reach of 5.5 meters, weighs 7.8 kilograms and comes with three sets of brushes. Its power is 700 W.

  • All surfaces
  • Bumper
  • Comfortable

Yesterday’s polisher


Put the polisher in the rooms domestic this has never been a problem, not even in the past, because being an operation

finish it household device by rotating brushes he almost left on his own.

Indeed, you had to be careful to control it, otherwise you risked seeing it bump into furniture and the legs of tables.

It was an operation particularly appreciated by the boys, to wax and polish the parquet: they helped their mother, but without effort…

Floor polisher today

Nowadays, the polisher has several antagonists among all the devices available on the market: robot washer dryer, steam cleaners, empty, multifunctional devices, without forgetting the Elf

It is generally used to treat marble and wooden floor Drink particular that not only need to be washed but also to be polished to regain their full shine.

Those who are lucky enough to have certain floors – given that these are perhaps even more than once valuable and economical coatings – cannot do without them. Among other things, some devices are also effective on surfaces made of terracotta, ceramic, sandstone porcelain, granite.

Floor Polisher Features

Compared to the machines of the past, those of today are much less bulky and much more silent.

The best models have one flat head and they are able to easily reach even the most difficult points, for example under furniture.


The device aspirant of the polisher is intended to convey the dust and the creak which can be deposited on the ground by electrostatic effect.

In this way, the compact and uniform application of the wax is ensured, without unsightly traces.

But what characterizes each polisher professional and the brush set thanks to the rotation of which it is possible to act in depth cleaning special floors, such as parquet, marble or linoleum, in order to guarantee a long life to the surfaces of House.

Floor waxing brushes

The brushes provided, which look like gods discsare usually Three and work in combination with each other to achieve the best results:

  • oscillating brushes: these are the most suitable for cleaning and polishing tiled floors and parquet floors
  • hard brushes: they are particularly suitable for spreading wax
  • soft brushes: they are used to polish the floors after having cleaned them well. They are usually made of felt, to obtain a shiny effect

The equipment of the brush set can make the difference from one model to another. It is possible to opt for a generic or more specialized type, bearing in mind that this can lead to both higher cost and less versatility of use.

One piece of equipment economic it can also be of type single disc machine.

Power of the floor polisher

The powers of current devices are quite low and vary from 600 to 1000 watts.

There is often a pedal to activate the engine and to select the desired power according to the surface to be treated and the dirt present.

Lots of waxer

The capacity of collection bag Dust shouldn’t be a problem if the polisher is only used to finish floors after they’ve already been cleaned. In many devices, this component is fixed and made of cotton. The presence of a can be useful seeing which signals its filling.

After all, it is unthinkable to use the floor polisher on a floor that is not perfectly clean, because there is a risk that dust and some coarser grains will stick to the brushes and be dragged by streaking or scraping the surface.

What is the polisher equipment?

Aspects that can help differentiate between different equipment include:

  • the rubber bumper placed around the main body of the machine, which protect the uprights and edges of furniture in case the machine accidentally bumps into them (which is not entirely far away)
  • the presence of casters at the base of the polisher. This construction detail offers an additional guarantee of maneuverability and mobility of the device. Better if they are made in such a way that they are disjointed and follow you in every movement
  • a front light light up dark corners
  • the quick function cable reel

Choice of floor polisher?

Models can be chosen colored, lacquer and in steel.

Based on how to usethere are also super flat models on the market, only 12 cm high, which are particularly manageable, flexible and suitable for any type of surface.

Like this device That works push, the wheels can be unidirectional or multidirectional. It is important to choose a model lightwhich is easily maneuverable even on the most difficult surfaces.

Compared to the old engines of yesteryear, those of more modern machines are equipped with silent and they often operate in induction modes based more on electronics than mechanics.

The handle should be comfortable and ergonomic, so that it is possible to operate the device even with one hand.

Floor polisher maintenance

If you have the foresight to always keep it to do the houseworka long service life is guaranteed.

Almost always, when we talk about cleaning, we mean the brushes: it is essential to wash them periodically with soap and water, in order to avoid the deposit of dirty inside them.

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