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During the summer months, the problem arises of making the home climate as cool and pleasant as possible. For those who do not want to have an expensive air conditioning system, the fan is the ideal solution.

The best pedestal fan brings pleasant relief to the house by cooling it down.

What is the best tower fan?

An effective solution to combat the summer heat, the turret fan is available in a wide range of models. How to choose the one that best suits your needs?

For this, the online sales service is useful with a careful selection of brand name and top quality devices. On the web, you can easily find the offer that suits you, both in terms of performance and price. Remember, in fact, that in addition to being able to consult the opinions of users, buying online allows you to always benefit from the lowest price.

Here is the review of some of the most clicked models.

Below we present to you the best column fans:

1. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower

Best for: design

This tower fan purifier automatically removes 99.95% of airborne allergens and pollutants, including particles down to 0.1 microns (tested to EN1822).

Thanks to the progressive oscillation function, it promotes the circulation of purified air throughout the room.

Automatically analyses, purifies and communicates data to the Dyson Link2 app allowing remote monitoring of the environment. It is equipped with a remote control.

  • Homogeneous distribution
  • HEPA filter
  • Remote

2. Pedestal fan Klarstein Skyscraper 3G

Ideal for: low consumption

It is a fan with three speed levels (low, medium, high) and three operating modes (normal, night and nature). In night mode, the speed is gradually reduced until the device turns off.

It has a sleep timer rotation function and improves air quality with the built-in filter. It is designed with a touch screen and includes a remote control. Power consumption is limited: only 50W.

  • Timer
  • night mode
  • Integrated filter

3. Pedestal fan Rowenta VU6670 Eole Infinite

Best for: Broad coverage

Thanks to the new 180° Swing technology, it ensures wide airflow coverage throughout the room. The speed of the air guarantees a great feeling of freshness.

In addition, thanks to the three speeds, it is possible to adjust the cooling effect according to your needs.

The automatic function, on the other hand, adjusts the speed according to the ambient temperature, which can be monitored thanks to the practical LED display. The cable is rollable.

  • Compact
  • Stable
  • Simple cleaning

4. Pedestal fan Honeywell HO-5500RE4

Ideal for: sliding panel

The control panel integrated in the body of the device is removable and turns into a versatile remote control. The space-saving design allows you to store the fan in any corner of the house, with minimal clutter.

It is designed with a timer for programming up to 4 hours, three switching levels for long-lasting comfort and three different programs: standard, natural and sleep.

  • Wide coverage
  • Save space
  • Grid wobble

5. Pedestal fan De’Longhi TCH7091ER

Best for: doubling the power

It is a ceramic tower fan heater with 2 power levels: 2000 and 1100W. Features include Eco-Energy function, electronic controls, digital display, 24h timer, remote control, motorized oscillation and an electronic anti-tilt safety system.

The performance is completed by the electronic room thermostat, frost protection, summer ventilation and dust filter. The oscillating base is equipped with an electronic Tip-Over-Switch safety system.

  • Thermostat
  • Dust filter
  • Oscillating base

6. Bionaire BTF005X-01 – tower fan

Best for: value for money

It is a 40 W oscillating column fan, very compact: it measures 15.5 x 19 x 81.2 centimeters and weighs 3.1 kilograms. The airflow is 240 m3/h3 and three speed settings are offered.

It is also appreciated for the low level of noise emissions (only 44 dB), to provide maximum comfort even at night.

  • Silent
  • Low consumption
  • Compact

Why a column fan?


column fan without blades adapts to environments domestic

better than a traditional blade fan due to its modern design forms and contained in the development of the column.

A good fan relieves because it allows excess heat to evaporate that is not eliminated by our skin when heat and humidity are the masters.

Choice of tower fan?

Choosing the right fan is not as difficult as it seems. Just be clear about the basic technical requirements for this type of equipment.

Features to consider include:

  • the blade size or the air vent
  • the aeration speed which can be set
  • the maximum capacity (expressed in m3/ h)
  • the noise (expressed in dB)
  • the possibility of orienting the structure or the grids

In addition, you must ensure that the device is powerful but one Low consumption.

Must also stableespecially when in motion, and safe, that is, equipped with a grid that prevents access to the blades or internal mechanisms.

Last but not least, that it is marked with the CE marking and that he has the IMQ Certification.

How is a tower fan made?

Without blades, the tower fans rest on the ground and develop vertically at different heights depending on the needs and the environments to be cooled. They have one rotating cylinder interior that draws in air on one side and quickly expels it on the other.

They are structured in such a way as to convey the flow of air in several directions, with ato balance both vertical and horizontal thanks to the mobility of the grids. The flow can be varied automatically, creating air effects for more relief.

This device is generally quieter than traditional wall fans, in which the movement of the blades causes an increase in the sound level.

Column fan functions?

Generally more expensive than conventional floor fans a street lampthese towers often have more functions and options: for example, with remotetimer and/or LCD display.

They allow to adjust the flow, to orient the grilles, to set the automatic shutdown and other options such as the “sleep” option which attenuates or interrupts the flow at a certain time, very useful if the device is placed in the room of night.

They are easy to transport and store; they usually have a long power cord that allows you to move them to the spaces where you need them most. If the blades are missing, they are easier and safer to clean.

Column or blade fan?

The type of space intended to accommodate the fan is to be determined at the time of choice.

For apartments or for chill small rooms, pedestal fans are the best option. Their slim design allows them to fit even in tight places, providing ample air circulation.

If you have a lot of space available, a self-contained blade fan might be a better solution.

Column fan design?

Designed to take up little space, these types of fans swinging can have athe size variable from 30-40 cm up to 1.2-1.5 meters from the ground. Smaller ones can also be placed on sturdy furniture, depending on where you want the air to circulate.

They easily fit into corners and other places without getting in the way, unlike large freestanding fans that have a large pedestal or box stand. Some are even so quiet that they forget they are running.

Thanks to their slender shape and a diverse range of colors, from neutrals such as black, white or anthracite to pastel colours, they can combine their design with any type of environment and furniture.

Purify the air with a tower fan?

A tower fan can be designed with built-in features such as that for the ionization and the purification air.

An air purifier it may be beneficial for people with allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma. It is also very useful for removing unpleasant odors and smoke from rooms.

The fan is not an ideal companion if it is used incorrectly: in fact, it is necessary not to position yourself directly in front of the air flow because you risk harmful colds.

Fan in winter?

Fans can also be used in the winter months, as they allow more rational use of heating (especially ceiling models).

Rotating at minimum speed, they send hot air downwards (which is normally concentrated at the ceiling), keeping the temperature more constant also towards the floor.

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