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Among the equipment that absolutely cannot be missing in the equipment of a home, office or laboratory there is undoubtedly the best folding ladder.

It turns out to be an irreplaceable aid to carry out the most diverse operations in complete safety at a certain height from the ground, where our arms stretched out in an impeccable stretch, no matter how hard we try, cannot reach. And no risk of fallingwhich is not entirely obvious if you are standing on a chair.

A folding ladder is necessary in kitchenin stay and in room, for storing books and other objects on shelves, wall units and in cupboards. It allows you to easily replace light bulbs or work on chandeliers, or take down and hang up curtains and do other small maintenance.

Compact and multifunctionis an irreplaceable help in the attic, in the attic, in the attic or for the mezzanines, and is appreciated in many outdoor situations: for campers, for inflatable boats, for boats …

What is the best folding ladder?

As we have seen, safety is a fundamental requirement for a folding ladder. It is precisely for this reason that some brands submit their products to severe tests, having them accredited by authoritative international certification institutes.

The widespread opinion is that of not looking at all costs for the cheapest model, especially if the low price is not synonymous with good quality and total reliability.

Below we present to you best folding ladders:

1. Framar Slimmy 3 folding ladder

Best for: Small footprint

It is a steel model, ideal for home use. Easy to handle, it has a minimum size when closed: 5 centimeters thick. The height of the shelf is 70 cm and the open dimensions are 46 x 70 x 105 cm.

It weighs 6.1 kg and has a capacity of 150 kg. During the design phase, great attention was paid to safety, with the introduction of non-slip molded steps and stabilizing corner feet.

There is a special safety lock. The ladder complies with Italian Legislative Decree 081/08 and European En 14183.

2. Hailo 4393-801 K30

Best for: 10 year warranty

Its frame is made of aluminium, guaranteeing maximum lightness: it weighs 4.6 kilograms. The three large steps are made of steel with a non-slip base (black) and are painted silver.

It reaches a maximum height of 246 cm and can support a weight of up to 150 kg. It is stable and safe thanks to the non-slip feet.

When folded, it is 5 centimeters thick. It is covered by a 10 year warranty.

3. Songmics GLT23K Folding Ladder

Best for: lightness

Made of durable 6063 aluminum, this folding ladder weighs just 6 lbs. It is therefore very convenient to use not only at home, but also on the road and outdoors.

It has 3 steps and its folded dimensions are 68 x 44 x 20 centimeters, so it takes up little space.

The plastic feet are non-slip and there are marbling on the surface of the steps.

4. Scale folding Rubbermaid R034721

Best for: Convenience

Ideal to always have at hand, it is a versatile folding ladder in polypropylene.

This robust material, apart from normal cleaning, does not require any type of maintenance. Light and comfortable, it has two practical steps and is very stable.

It opens and closes very easily, even with one hand.

5. GrecoShop Folding Ladder

Best for: value for money

Made of white painted steel, it is appreciated because it is solid and light at the same time.

It is designed with three full steps with non-slip recess. The feet are protected by sturdy rubber pads that prevent them from slipping.

Once closed, it takes up little space and easily finds its place in any corner of the house, office, motorhome or boat.

6. Stairs folding Valdomo 154

Best for: high reach

Tested by the Tüv certification body, it is able to support up to 260 kilograms of weight.

It is a model in beech wood with three shelves with non-slip groove and very simple closing system. The tightness of the steps is ensured by dovetail joints.

It can also be used as a stool and closes with minimal space. 100% FSC certified, it measures 40 x 59 x 63 cm open and 40 x 12 x 81 cm closed. The depth of the steps is 6.3 centimeters.

How is a safe folding ladder made?

To perform all these tasks and ensure complete safety, an indoor ladder must have an adequate opening, which provides maximum stability on the ground.

It is also important that it is equipped with non-slip rubber feet, which keep it in position without dangerous slippage. The instep, this is where the foot rests, should be wide and with grooves to provide a better grip on the soles of shoes, or with rubberized strips or any other non-slip and non-slip material.

It’s even safer if the top level platform has a parapet where you can hold on tight and have your hands free or rest them for a secure grip.

If there is not adequate stability when open, the portable ladder could become a dangerous tool causing us to lose our balance with the risk of falling and injuring ourselves. Therefore, you should always carefully select the model you want to buy.

Being foldable, the pins and joints must be strong and comply with safety requirements, possibly equipped with clicks or joints that lock them in specific positions.

There are many types offered by the main online sales brands, to satisfy all aesthetic and functional needs. But beware: also good cheap folding ladder he cannot ignore basic safety requirements.

Why is it important that programming complies with the law?

Home and workplace injuries should certainly not be underestimated. Those in the professional field, in particular, have for some time been the subject of careful analysis concerning the incidence, the nature, the structural, technological and organizational causes, and the consequences for the person and for the company and the aspects of prevention. Italian and European legislation.

The same does not apply to accidents which affect the person in his or her living environment, in particular in the context of his or her home.

Statistics on domestic accidents, reported by leading national and international research institutes and specialized literature, indicate the accidental falls like, how the most frequent but above all the most damaging event in terms of consequences.

In Europe, accidental falls are the third cause of death and concern more than half of domestic accidents (53%). During domestic activities, it is the most frequent injury (41%).

For all these reasons, it is necessary that portable and especially folding ladders meet certain legal requirements and that manufacturers comply with the specifications defined by the regulations: it is necessary to check that the ladder complies with the Standard Uni En 131 and Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent modifications and additions.

What are the characteristics of a folding ladder?

Before buying a folding ladder, it is necessary to check some technical specifications also related to the intended use.

Among the most important features are the maximum allowable weight (also called capacity) and the material of construction, which is usually aluminum, steel or wood.

Check that the folding system has stops that prevent accidental movement. Finally, the locking systems, platforms and hinges must not be a source of danger and must be able to lock and open in a stable manner.

A folding ladder is usually equipped with 2 steps or 3 steps, sufficient to fulfill the most common functions in the environment domestic And professional.

What are the variants of the folding ladder?

At home, usually indoors, double portable ladders are used, available in a wide range of models.

There are two types of double portable ladders, both of which are freestanding, meaning they support each other when opened. That to a climbing trunk allows you to climb from one side only, while with two climbing sections allows access from both sides.

Stairs can be supported by rungs if the support surface of the foot is less than 8 cm or by steps if it is greater than 8 cm. Running boards are obviously more stable because they allow the sole of the foot to rest.

Folding, after unlocking the hinges and pins, is usually done by closing the two sections and lowering the parapet.

There is also a type of transformable portable ladders. They are composed of trunks and hinges that allow the staircase to assume different configurations in extensionmultiposition, stretch And telescopic.

When it comes to building materials, the most common collapsible ladders are made of drink, steel or aluminum. Some models are also made of plastic.

Wood is most suitable for indoor use if, having no place to store them, they must remain visible. In this case, it is good that they are also treated in the design, to integrate them harmoniously with any type of furniture.

Steel and aluminum are materials that are not very sensitive to climatic changes and bad weather, so they are more suitable for outdoor use as well. Between the two, the aluminum ladder, with the same dimensions and whatever the price, is much lighter and more manageable, easy to transport. It can be used both at home and for professional purposes.

For a ladder to last a long time, it is always advisable to keep it clean and also assess the presence of spare parts, especially the rubber feet which rest on the ground and can wear out.

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