Topper Emma: test and opinion

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For 3 weeks I slept on Emma’s mattress topper, in my opinion a product that was created to further improve the comfort of mattresses made by this company, increasing or decreasing their stiffness as needed. Below is my review based on my experience of using it.

What I liked

  • Versatile thanks to two sides of different stiffness
  • Removable
  • Oeko-Tex certification
  • 100 night trial and free returns

What I did not like

  • The lining is polyester

My experience with Emma’s topper

I must say that the first approach with this topper generated certainty in me perplexitygenerally Toppers are born to correct the excessive stiffness of spring mattresses, so I expected the usual soft and welcoming mattress topper, while for topper Emma was not born with this perspective.

Topper Emma: test and opinion

This product consists of two sheets of memory foam glued, in order to have 2 distinct stiffnesses depending on the side on which you sleep. The first plate consists of Airgocell foama soft memory capable of making the mattress less rigid by about half a point compared to the mattress rigidity scale which goes from H1 to H5.

The result is greater comfort for the joints, especially for people over 90 kg, during the 3 weeks of testing I noticed a slight decrease in the pressure exerted on the pelvis and shoulders when I sleep on the side , while lying on your stomach. I haven’t noticed any substantial differences.

Turn the topper on the compound side of HRX foam, the mattress became about half a point stiffer than the stiffness scale I mentioned earlier. Greater rigidity has brought with it better ventilation capacity and this is good during the summer, a time when especially mattresses made of memory foam they tend to heat up more than the models on springs or in natural latex great rigidity.

As for the polyester lining of the mattress topper, I appreciated that it was removable and machine washable up to 40 degrees, a washing temperature which, combined with products like Napisan, is sufficient for good hygiene.

During these three weeks of testing my cat Dafne, in eternal conflict with her sister Mina for the dominance of the mattress, made me pee on the mattress topper. I solved this by washing the upholstery in the washing machine and using a portable upholstery washer on top, God bless the inventor!.

Going back to the upholstery, I would have preferred a more natural material like cotton instead of polyester, but we are dealing with an economical product and you have to be satisfied. However, I have to say the build quality of the cover is really good, same goes for the hinge which in my opinion is able to hold the weight of years of use.

Topper Emma: test and opinion

All the materials that make up the Topper Emma benefit from the Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification. This certification is awarded to products made without pesticides, without harmful chemicals such as phthalates and above all that do not emit dangerous levels of VOCs.

Topper Emma: test and opinion

The Emma mattress topper is available for both single and double mattresses, ranging from a minimum weight of 10 kg up to 20 kg for the 160×190 model.


At this point, you will ask yourself: “does it make sense to buy this topper?”. The answer depends, if you have a spring mattress too stiff for your joints the answer is NO, in this case I advise you to buy one soft memory mattress topper at least 7 cm high. While if you already have an Emma mattress and want to correct its stiffness, by making it a little more flexible or more rigid, this product meets your needs.

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In terms of general quality, the product is in line with the selling price with, in my opinion, a good quality/price ratio.

On the manufacturer’s website you can use the discount code DRIVERS to get a price reduction.

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