Topper MyMemory Foam mattress 5 cm: test and opinion

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For 4 weeks I slept on the 5cm MyMemory Topper from the company Materassiedoghe. Below is my experience of using the product.

Test and review of the 5 cm high MyMemory Topper from the company Materassiedoghe

What I liked

  • Comfortable
  • It significantly reduces pressure points on the joints
  • Removable and machine washable
  • Centipur Certificate
  • Cheap
  • Coating treated with Aloe Vera
  • It does not produce chemical odors
  • Fully Italian product
  • Class 1 medical device tax deductible

What I did not like

  • The seam of the blocking strips on the mattress is delicate

Test and review of the 5 cm high MyMemory Topper from the company Materassiedoghe

As soon as I unpacked the topper, which comes rolled and vacuum packed, I didn’t notice any chemical smells, only the aroma of Aloe Vera due to the treatment it undergoes during the manufacturing phase .

What always strikes me when I test memory foam mattresses and toppers is how light they are. The construction technology used is capable of creating foam materials with a consistency reminiscent of clouds.

The memory foam sheet of this mattress topper is 5 centimeters high, with ergonomics designed to provide targeted support to the points of greatest pressure such as the pelvis and shoulders, improving blood circulation and promoting muscle relaxation.

I tested the product both sleeping on my side and on my stomach, in both positions I noticed an improvement in the physiological structure of my back, both for the cervical and lumbar parts.

Considering I’m 1.80m tall and weigh nearly 100kg, the result is truly remarkable, for a topper only 5cm high, a feature that makes it usable with standard bed linen.

The breathability level of memory foam is decent, making this mattress topper recommended for most people. While for those who particularly suffer from the summer heat, I recommend an open-cell memory product with a high transpiration capacity (such as the Technoairfresh).

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My partner who can’t stand the cold loves it in winter because she feels enveloped in its warmth.

Memory foam sheet of the MyMemory Topper 5 cm high from the company Materassiedoghe Thermal deformability of the memory foam sheet of the 5 cm high MyMemory Topper from the company Materassiedoghe

The removable cover is in technical fabric washable up to 60°C for better disinfection of the product. The fabric is rather breathable and is treated with the essence of Alore Vera to provide a feeling of greater well-being.

Other useful features are the properties hypoallergenic, anti-mite And antibacterial memory foam blanket and sheet.

Being classified as a class 1 medical device, it is tax deductible, subject to a medical prescription attesting to compatible pathologies.

Label Topper MyMemory 5 cm high from the Materassiedoghe company


In case of back pain and muscle contractures, this mattress topper can be an inexpensive remedy for pain relief. It is recommended for both back and side sleepers. My partner also tested it while sleeping on her stomach, feeling comfortable. The general quality of the product is good, especially in view of a price that does not exceed 150 euros for the double model and 90 for the single.

On the manufacturer’s website you can use the discount code DRIVERS to get a price reduction.

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