Types of kitchen faucets

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Choosing a kitchen faucet is never trivial. This accessory must above all be functional, since it is the pivot of any sink. It’s opened and closed countless times throughout the day, so it needs to be sturdy and manageable.

All the types of kitchen faucets however, they must more than ever meet your aesthetic expectations.

Types of kitchen faucets

Kitchen faucets have gone through the centuries, evolving in terms of technology, materials used and finishes.

The range of choices could not be more varied, allowing everyone – according to their needs and budget – to find the right product for the kitchen of their dreams.

1. Single lever mixer

Single-lever mixer

It is the basic type of kitchen faucets, making it one of the most popular models on the market.

In the single-lever mixer the water temperature and flow are controlled by a single lever and its installation method is usually through a single hole in the counter.

the kitchen mixer It comes in a variety of styles, although most are designed with a low spout except for the gooseneck or long-necked types.

It is installed by making a simple hole in the worktop or sink, which is why it is also called a “one-hole” faucet.

2. Two-button faucet

Two handle faucet

This model has two separate knobs to adjust the flow rate of hot and cold water and requires at least three holes for installation. A wide variety of knobs are available making it easy to integrate into any kitchen environment.

One of the obvious benefits of this faucet is that if just one of the handles is leaking, you can simply turn off the corresponding water valve and have it replaced.

3. Bridge tap

Single lever ceramic sink mixer Dolomite B5123AA ...

The aesthetics of the bridge faucet fits perfectly into contemporary kitchens. When setting it up, make sure there is more than one finger behind the device to make cleaning easier, as water and dirt tend to collect there.

So, if you fall in love with this style, be sure to clean the sink and the surrounding area regularly.

4. Wall-mounted faucet

HOMELODY black wall-mounted kitchen faucet, swivel ...

It is installed on the wall above the kitchen sink. An advantage of this style is that it does not take up space on the countertop and therefore makes it easy to clean.

However, this type of faucet requires some additional renovations, while some plumbing work may be needed to get the water line to go to the installation point in the wall. It is also available in single-lever mixer.

5. Press with the sensor

A sensor faucet is operated by placing your hands under the spout. This solution is very practical, as it allows you to work hands-free in the sink, while optimizing water consumption.

Some models are equipped with an additional handle for regulate the temperature and the water jet.

6. Pull-out faucet

Lonheo 360° Swivel Foldable Kitchen Faucet...

This style of faucet kitchen with shower it is equipped with an extractable spray nozzle from the spout.

It is an elegant and functional solution, ideal for washing large pots and kitchen utensils.

The design of this faucet fits easily into contemporary style kitchens. Be sure to choose a high quality one though, as a cheaper version may bend and break over time.

7. Press with spiral spring

Timaco - Kitchen faucet with spiral spring, ...

Conceptually similar to the previous model, this type of faucet allows a wide movement of the pop-up shower for thewater outlet down. Therefore, this kitchen faucet with spray it is more suitable for large and deep sinks.

If you are a regular shopper of fruits and vegetables, this style of faucet is suitable for all your cleaning needs.

8. Commercial Style Faucet

Auralum High Pressure Kitchen Mixer ...

This faucet type it is generally used in professional kitchens. Homeowners have also begun to embrace it as it lends a real chef’s touch to any environment.

It usually has a high gooseneck nozzle and a multi-option spray head. The spray direction can be controlled by a lever or by a selector connected directly to the spout.

Kitchen faucet finishes

We talk about finish to determine the material with which the faucet is made. It is in a way the last layer that is applied to its surface.

This final coat is applied to all visible components. Before making a purchasing decision, it is important to consider the colors and finishes of the appliances in the kitchen, as well as the type of light points and the color of the walls.

The sturdiness of the workmanship and material should not be underestimated either. Is the finish you are interested in scratch, fade, rust resistant? It is advisable to favor manufacturers’ warranties of more than 5 years.

It goes without saying that a company that guarantees its products for 10 years is aware of the quality of its products and that is already a good sign.

Let’s see below which are the most common finishes, textures and materials.

Virtually indestructible, thestainless steel keeps well over time. It is not afraid of rust and oxidation of metals and it is also a robust material.

It should be cleaned regularly as it tends to stain with limescale from water.

Chrome is available in different finishes, such as matte, brushed and shiny chromed brass. It is economical, durable and very easy to clean.

If it is of good quality it resists rust and oxidation. However, there is a drawback: some chrome plating tends to retain traces of water droplets.

Like chrome, nickel comes in several finishes such as matte, brushed and shiny. Very easy to clean, it is one of the most resistant materials.

In the “nickel with titanium layer” version, it is even more existent and does not fear scratches. You can also find it in combination with other materials, such as “polished copper with satin nickel” or polished chrome with brushed nickel.

Copper is an ancient material. You can find it in different textures and finishes such as satin, lacquer and classic finish. Faucets with a copper finish stand the test of time.

Bronze is a popular classic option for fans of retro materials. It has the advantage of blending in style with all types of classic and contemporary furniture. It does not oxidize over time.

Although not very popular, faucets made of synthetic materials have the lowest price on their side. Rare, but still getting a bit more popular every year, these faucets cost less and aren’t made of metal. The use of epoxy resin helps make them structurally sturdy.


You have finally decided to change your old kitchen. After finding the model of your dreams, you find yourself thinking about the type of faucet. How to choose a good kitchen faucet?

To avoid hesitation, think about the style that harmonizes with the environment, think about the shape of the spout, the water mixing system, the space available for a hand shower…

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