Wave bed pillow: test and opinion

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For 1 month, I slept on the Boxmistral Wave memory foam neck pillow. Here is my usage experience and product considerations.

Test and review of the Boxmistral Wave cervical pillow

What I liked

  • High breathability thanks to patented Mistral fabric
  • Particularly suitable for neck pain
  • Better cervical spine traction thanks to the Mistral
  • Suitable for stomach and side sleeping
  • 4 flavors to choose from
  • High quality materials
  • Precious memory foam

What I did not like

  • Expensive, but in the face of truly superior quality

Test and review of the Boxmistral Wave pillow

Wave is a premium quality and finished pillow designed to meet the needs of people with neck pain. A problem often caused by the use of unsuitable or poor quality pillows.

To achieve the objective, a double wave shape has been created, in order to better accommodate the neck and allow the relaxation of the contracted muscles thanks to a correct alignment of the cervical vertebrae.

In addition to the particular ergonomics, the other strong points of this model are the quality of the materials and the remarkable breathability.

The pillow was made by combining a 7cm high block of memory foam with a layer of elastic foam.

Test and review of the Boxmistral Wave pillow

The latter is scented with a pleasant fragrance of your choice (chamomile, aloe vera, lavender and citrus) and has many holes to promote internal air circulation.

Test and review of the Boxmistral Wave pillow

The whole thing is covered with a top layer of patented, highly breathable Mistral fabric, and a lower AirMesh covering that increases the dissipation of heat and humidity.

The things that surprised me the most about this pillow are the quality of the memory foam and the Mistral fabric.

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As for the memory foam, I have to say that in many years of pillow testing I have never tried such a valuable material, if you open the pillow on your back it seems touching a girl’s velvety skin.

Unlike most products on the market which always remain a bit damp and sticky, this memory is very dry and with great qualities of thermal deformability.

The mistral is an approximately 1.5 cm high covering made up of thousands of connected filaments, its shock-absorbing properties allow the tension of the neck muscles to be relieved in a superlative way.

Test and review of the Boxmistral Wave pillow

Having 2 cervical hernias which cause me root pain to the fingers of the hand, in one week I noticed a great improvement.

In my opinion, Wave is a pillow that will not disappoint those who, like me, suffer from neck pain. A pillow that is well suited for those who prefer to rest on their back or side.

Test and review of the Boxmistral Melody pillow

Given the great perspiration and the water-repellent polyester coating that does not retain moisture, avoiding the formation of mold as well as the proliferation of dust mites and piles, it is a recommended choice even for people with health problems. respiratory allergy.

Finally, this pillow benefits from both OEKO-TEX certification and certification as class 1 medical device. This means that the product has been tested and certified by the Ministry of Health which, after issuing certification as a device useful for health, allows the user to deduct 19% from their purchase price.

On the manufacturer’s site, use the code DRIVERS to get a discount.

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