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Those approaching the DIY world may ask themselves: why is it this tool ?

The best radial miter saw is portable or benchtop equipment, designed to cut with precision drinkferrous metals or plastics.

Unlike the regular miter saw, precise straight or angled cuts can be made on defined workpieces thickness and for very special cuts where it is important to be able to adjust the angle of incidence of the blade.

For this, the tool is used level professional in particular by framers, parquet installers, carpenters on construction sites, who also use it in combination with a shelf.

What is the best radial miter saw?

During the purchase phase, the usual doubts may arise: which one to choose? or buy? Thanks to online sales, everything becomes easier.

Indeed, you can have a complete overview of the equipment available on the market in real time, with the possibility of comparing their different characteristics. And by reading the reviews and tests published on the web by users, you will be guided step by step in choosing the model that best suits your specific needs.

Even the ordering phases are simplified to the maximum and thus, with a few clicks, you can comfortably receive the desired model at your home, at the lowest price.

Below we present to you best radial miter saws:

1. Bosch Professional 0601B23600 GCM 12 GDL

Best for High Power

Bosch Professional...

This model guarantees cutting precision thanks to the innovative, maintenance-free and extremely robust guide arm. It has a frictionless pull mechanism and a millimeter laser pointer, with dust extraction nozzle.

The support surfaces for the material can be removed on the right and on the left with integrated longitudinal stop which can be positioned with a minimum of space even close to a wall. All controls for angle adjustment and beveling are located on the front of the tool, for effortless work.

It has a power of 2000 Watts, effective even with the thickest woods, mounts a blade with a diameter of 305 mm.

2. Makita LS0815FLN Telescopic Miter Saw

The best semi-professional machine with soft start


It is a tool with a robust structure and a laser plotter for high cutting precision, equipped with a disc locking button. It mounts a 216mm diameter blade and has adjustable LED work area lighting.

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Offers Soft Start soft start function with engine brake; the power absorbs 1400 Watts, the idle speed is 5000 rpm.

The motor’s maximum tilt is 45° right and left, it can perform perpendicular cuts, tilt cuts up to 45 degrees and diagonal cuts up to 50-60 degrees.

3. Einhell TE-SM 2534 Dual

The best adjustable with one hand


Einhell TE-SM 2534 ...

Very powerful (1800 Watt), it is ideal for cutting solid wood, laminated panels and plastic. The cutting head can be tilted left and right to both sides in one operation.

A laser marks the cut line for fast and precise positioning. The dual-drag turntable lets you set the exact angle for angled cuts, even with one hand.

The integrated drag function allows you to cut particularly long pieces. The integrated LED light provides optimum illumination of the room at all times, while the “soft start” ensures a smoother start.

4. Bosch 0603B10100 radial miter saw

The best with modular side extensions

Bosch 0603B10100...

It guarantees a precise cut of both thin frames and thick boards. Built-in pull function increases cutting capacity. It has a power of 1200 Watts and mounts a 216 mm diameter blade. The speed is 4800 rpm, the cutting depth is 65 x 220 mm.

Its features are completed by the push / pull function with adjustable side extensions, deactivatable and adjustable laser beam on the left and right side of the blade, quick cutting depth locking device, predisposition for a 35 mm chip blowing tube .

Includes: pliers, hex wrench, dust/chip bag, 4 side extensions.

5. Evolution R210SMS+ Power Tools

Best for cutting different materials

Power of evolution...

The Evolution radial miter saw is a multi-material machine which, thanks to the 24-tooth TCT (tungsten carbide) tipped blade and the adjoining optimized gear change system, is capable of performing cuts on a wide variety of materials including mild steel, aluminum, even wood with nails, plastic, copper and much more.

The optional diamond blade (sold separately) completes the offer, allowing you to make cuts in brick, stone, concrete and unglazed tiles.

All this thanks to the power of the machine of 1500 W. It has a diameter of 210 mm with the possibility of sliding 230 mm, adjustments of bevel angles 0°-45° and bevel 50°-50°, with which you can achieve all common cutting angles.

6. Metabo KGS 216 miter saw

The best that allows the replacement of the blade in a simple way

Submachine gun KS 216 216mm ...

It is a compact and light but robust luminaire, made of die-cast aluminium. Thus, it allows you to carry out even the most demanding jobs with agility. It can be carried with one hand with protected blade. It has a guiding function for large workpieces and allows efficient chip evacuation thanks to the integrated hopper.

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Adjusting the cutting angles is done quickly thanks to the snap blocks. The depth gauge is ideal for making grooves in a simple way. The head can be tilted to the left, with the possibility of an additional angle for undercuts.

7. Einhell 4300390 TC-SM 2131/1 Double

Best for cutting very large pieces

Einhell TC-SM 2131/1 ...

The Tc-sm 2131 dual is an effective cross-cut and miter saw for processing and cutting wood, laminates and plastics. The cutting head with infinite right and left tilt adjustment ensures maximum flexibility for miter cuts.

An integrated mains-powered laser device marks the cutting line. The rotary table guarantees precise adjustment of the cutting inclination thanks to the special function. The recline can be locked in a variety of positions with the comfortable handle.

The radial function with integrated brake allows you to cut particularly large panels.

What is the radial miter saw?

radial miter saw

It is a useful device for cutting even sized joists, or planks or perhaps building the doghouse or beading the tavern without burrs. It is also useful if you need to cut PVC window profiles.

Its main characteristic is the cutting capacity, that is, how much thickness and how much length manages to cut at different inclinations. This measurement depends essentially on the diameter of the blade which can vary from 200 to 350 mm for the largest models.

So if you must realize only frames a little will suffice seen with a 200 mm blade, while if you think that next summer you would like to have a nice one veranda or one belvedere in the garden it will be necessary to choose a model with a blade of 300 or 350mm.

And if you want to try to build one cottage, you need a radial miter saw. A radial miter saw for wood it is ideal for those who also need to work metal or PVC with extremely precise cuts.

How to choose the radial miter saw

best radial miter saw

A radial miter saw, compared to other versions on the market, makes it possible to cut wooden or metal elements with even quite high thicknesses, for example, a 30 cm wooden board.

Before choosing the device, it is therefore important to fully understand your real needs, to avoid buying a product that may be of high quality and precision, but useless for the use you want to make of it.

Then, the usual criteria for this type of equipment apply: when choosing a brand model, you have to pay attention to details such as the strength of the blades, the degrees from inclination which must be variables, the Power.

The shape of the device is studied to facilitate the management of the rotation of the blade, to cut the wooden axis or the metal bar. Often the engine it is positioned just behind the blade in order to be able to tilt it both to the right and to the left.

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The Power this is equally important precisely because this device must have both a cue and Obligate to cut constant thicknesses as well as to set the rotation speed of the blade.

To ensure the best performance, a device of this type should never drop below 1400-1500 Watts and have a speed of at least 5000 rpm.


The heart of a miter saw are its blades, so you have to be very careful about the types of blades to choose, possibly also reassessing their quality.

The discs are characterized by the presence of perfectly integrated metal teeth on a body in steel. To assess that their quality is high, it is necessary to check that they are perfectly linear, do not present any kind of irregularity: only in this way will they guarantee precision and cutting speed.

The quality of the alloys used to make a blade ensures a good life as long as they are used with the materials with which they are compatible. Some, in fact, only lend themselves to cutting wood while others have no problem with steel oraluminum.

Very useful can be devices that have a suction nozzle near the blade to be removed immediately shavings And iron filings.


An important part of evaluating a radial miter saw is its ability to rotate the spindle to provide different inclinations, since you will hardly find yourself making only perpendicular cuts. L’angle of inclination it has a significant effect on the versatility of the device.

From a structural point of view, the device must be solid and have a stable base capable of absorbing the vibrations of the induction motor. The best devices also have guides to facilitate the rotation of the blade with which you have to cut the wooden board or the metal bar.


the disk of the blade is always protected with great care so that there is no way of coming into contact during work, in order to avoid the risk of accidents.

However, it is good to remember how the miter saw with bench it is a potentially very dangerous device, so it is essential to use it with the utmost care and to adopt all the safety measures.

It is best to ensure that the model you are going to buy is equipped with all the protections required by CE legislation and that your working environment is comfortable and free from distractions.

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