When should the bed pillows be replaced?

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Comfort at rest is undoubtedly linked to the mattress. However, we often underestimate how significantly even the pillow affects the quality of sleep, in this sense it is good to replace it periodically, just as it happens with the mattress.

When to replace bed pillows

Why is it important to replace the bed pillow?

The bed pillow has the task of properly supporting the head, trying to follow the curvature of the neck and preventing the muscles from stiffening, causing neck pain. The material from which the pillow is made gradually loses its properties that initially guaranteed effective support for the cervical spine.

Thus, the synergistic action with the mattress and therefore the correct alignment of the spine is lacking. All this translates into a significant deterioration in the quality of sleep, the increasingly frequent appearance of insomnia problems, as well as the appearance of bothersome and recurring neck and muscle pain.

Another aspect that should not be forgotten is the maintenance of proper hygiene. By washing both the cushion and the cover, we can eliminate bad smells. However, using low temperatures to avoid damaging fabrics and materials may leave some allergens inside the pillow. Over time, allergy issues can arise or harmful buildups of mold and fungus can form.

Pillow fold test

  • Place the pillow on a flat surface and fold it in half.
  • Hold it for 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Let him go. If the pillow returns to its original shape, it’s still good.
  • If it doesn’t come back, it’s probably time to buy a new one.

pillow fold test

Type of cushions and replacement times

There is no set rule for when to replace the old pillow. The schedule can vary depending on various factors, one of the most relevant being the type of material.

Memory foam pillow

The viscoelastic foam at the start is very comfortable, managing to adapt to the profile of the neck and head. After about a year of daily use, the memory foam begins to lose its elasticity.

We realize it’s time for a change memory pillow when the material has become too soft and the head tends to sink. High end models can last up to 3 years depending on how they are treated.

Comfortable memory foam pillow

feather pillow

Down padding is still widely used and provides good comfort. In this case, the average duration depends a lot on the care given to the pillow. A very good quality model can last more than 2 years. The symptom that it’s time to buy a new pillow is the formation of lumps, that is, the feathers create clumps that make the support somewhat uncomfortable.

latex pillow

This material offers a longer average life than memory foam, with the best models in natural latex being able to resist even more than 4 years.

comfortable natural latex pillow

Polyester cushion

Polyester distinguishes cheaper products, often called synthetic down pillows. These are products that can be washed without any problem in the washing machine but which offer a duration that can even reach barely 6 months. The best models requiring replacement after about 2 years.

comfortable polyester pillow

The best bed pillows

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